The Meters – Rejuvenation


When the Meters jumped from the Josie label to Reprise in 1972, their new label seemed intent on crossing them over to a wider audience. Released in 1974, Rejuvenation, the Meters’ second Reprise album, stands as the best of this period, with their core funk sound embellished with elements of rock and mainstream soul. The success of this album can be judged by the fact that six of these nine songs stayed fixed in the (Funky) Meters repertoire more than 25 years after they recorded them. Their version here of “Hey Pocky A-Way” stands as the song’s definitive reading, but tracks such as “People Say,” “Just Kissed My Baby” (featuring the contributions of Lowell George), “Jungle Man,” and “Africa” are career highlights as well, retaining the power of stripped-down funk while still fleshing out the sound with punchy horns, background singers, and a more rock-oriented production. These cuts don’t quite reach the level of the gloriously funky three-minute instrumental nuggets they made for Josie, but they come very close. –Marc Greilsamer


01. People Say
02. Love Is for Me
03. Just Kissed My Baby
04. What’cha Say
05. Jungle Man
06. Hey Pocky A-Way
07. It Ain’t No Use
08. Loving You Is on My Mind
09. Africa
10. People Say (single version)
11. Hey Pocky A-Way (single version)

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18 Responses to “The Meters – Rejuvenation”

  1. Kurt says:

    Hey, it’s the Meters, it’s gotta be good, sure I prefer instrumental but Hey, it’s the Meters.

  2. nateyo says:

    yo dOK post up the new Jneiro Jarel traptronic its free download on soundcloud

  3. T8 says:

    no updates in awhile…
    you aight?!

  4. frank says:

    Was thinking the same thing, hope your ok dOk?

  5. fre says:

    this hiatus is actually quite nice.

  6. nateyo says:

    lol fre explain the niceness your experiencing

  7. fre says:

    I do not appreciate the insincere use of ‘lol’.

    With the lack of updates there has been ample time to catch up.

  8. nateyo says:

    please excuses the insincerity of my “lol” i suppose its my awkward reaction to expression. many people do not appreciate it. I agree on the catching up, the archives here are marvelous yet beyond my time to listen to it all

  9. flux says:

    yo I’m worried about my man dOk…hope your alright cuz

  10. DC says:

    The brother needs some time to himself.

    If you make yourself too available people tend not to appreciate you.

  11. T8 says:

    i hope it got nothing to do with comments on the previous post…

  12. DC says:

    I backtracked and it definitely has to.

    I see Elaquent’s point that he doesn’t want his stuff bootlegged, especially at a 128 bitrate, as he thinks that will circulate, and people will settle with an inferior sound to what he spent the time creating. In a way, that taints his artwork. Another made a good point that anyone can easily capture the audio from BC anyway, even if it isn’t free to download. And BC knows this and allows for it. I guess their logic is that they will create an extra hurdle or disincentive for people to take it that way. However, if people choose to, it won’t stand in the way further. I know of artists like Moka Only who don’t really mind, but just as well some others do, since that’s an avenue to generate revenue, and they think that after doing the cost/benefit analysis they lose out. They aren’t able to drop the work for free and then go tour on it like Kendrick Lamar. And it’s hard not to respect that. If people want to try to jack it, let them, but they don’t want folks bootlegging their recent work, and advertising it without permission.

    All of that said, I definitely download records, listen to and appreciate them, and if possible I support indie artists. All said, I think the host of the site has good intentions and is trying to share the musical love with folks. I even sent a link to the site to a credible soul/ jazz artist I know, and she was really excited by what was on here. It was like going to the music section at the library for her. At the same time, she hasn’t the cash to go buy random records. She buys when she can, and sees shows when she can. Like a lot of other regular folk not making music.

    I applaud the brother Francesco for maintaining a love for the art and sharing the love with folks. Music afficionado friends and I are always impressed by the brother’s knowledge of the history of jazz, and his attuned ear for soul. As Roy Hargrove would put it, the brother is a “music lover”, and we have to commend that, regardless of where we stand on this.

  13. Menos says:

    Love the bloggers taste in music, but he won’t be posting links anymore, do you guys have suggestions of other sites to visit? (links preferred). Thanks.

  14. Help us out says:

    Yeh does anyone have any suggestions? I’m so gutted about the links fiasco

  15. j bickford says:

    Goodbye, Rappamelo.

  16. j sand says:

    damn man

  17. weedmaster says:

    lascia il sito online!!! ti pregooooo, è la bibbia per me e buttare tutto questo sapere di buona musica equivale a un omicidio


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