Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – Zulu Guru


Zulu Guru is the first full-length collaboration from singer/songwriter Jesse Boykins III and producer/emcee MeLo-X. Both Jesse and MeLo-X have critically acclaimed self-released albums and duets.With Zulu Guru, they bring together a solid collection of songs that reflect and define a new direction in Hip Hop and R&B, both lyrically and musically. This new sound is rooted in traditional soul music, adding elements from multiple genres to serve a purely unique and honest look at modern romance. With Zulu Guru, Jesse and MeLo-X absorb influences from around the world into the production including Afro-Beat, West Indian, and Electronic Soul – expanding their brand and message wordlwide. Zulu Guru also features emerging singers Chris Turner and Mara Hruby, rapper MoRuF, style mavens Joshua Kissi & Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette and wordsmiths Kesed, Trae Harris and Joekenneth Museau.

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01. Zulu Guru I ft. Trae Harris
02. I’m New Here
03. Black Orpheus
04. Change Of Heart ft. Moruf, Chris Turner
05. Broken Wings
06. Schwaza ft. Joe Kenneth
07. Perfect Blues ft. Jesse Boykins III
08. Searching Her Ways
09. Primal Chance ft. Mara Hruby, Jesse Boykins III
10. Strange Recreation ft. Jesse Boykins III
11. Tribe Of Stafa ft. MeLo-X
12. Better For You (Remix) ft. Ango
13. Outta My Mind ft. Chris Turner, Jesse Boykins III
14. Zulu Guru II ft. Kesed
15. Schwaza Culture ft. Street Etiquette

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  1. jbiiimusic says:

    remove these links please.

  2. halftime says:

    yo, love the site and i thank you for all the music, alot of which i wouldnt have found with out you..

    i think you guys should check out

    hiatus Kiayote , very refreshing neo-soul/groove/trip hop

    you will def enjoy…

    and also thanks for putting together thos freddie jochiam mixes!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just going to agree with halftime here.
    Hiatus are amazing.
    I have seen them live a few times and they are incredible.

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