Insightful – The Shy Lanterns Glow


“An album dedicated to the lantern you are. The world is dark at times, and this was created to remind you of the light inside of you. My life has been a series of ups and downs and I hope this resonates somehow. Take care.”


01. Bad Burp
02. God’s Getting Drunk
03. Identical Door
04. Breaking A Mind Cycle
05. Allah
06. Too Many Souls
07. A Horses Soul
08. Floating Brain
09. Ugliful
10. Sky Tribe
11. Chain Mail
12. 1,000 Inches
13. Secure
14. Fever

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2 Responses to “Insightful – The Shy Lanterns Glow”

  1. nateyo says:

    i saw this on bandcamp yesterday…. i havent gave it a good listen yet but so far so good., theres a trippy ass video for ugliful on youtube —>

  2. Ali Sorkhi says:

    This guy is genius, I always adore his music; however, his new album is not as good as previous ones. just try his “Blossom Beautiful”.

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