Hidden Orchestra – Archipelago


Archipelago is the second album for Tru Thoughts. The album sees Joe Acheson, the musical mastermind behind Hidden Orchestra, continuing to explore and develop many themes that emerged on our debut, Night Walks, adding new ideas, guest players, instruments and found sounds; to name a few, listen up for tap-dancing, bagpipe drones, and Acheson stomping in snow and ice.

New instruments contributing to the many layers of Archipelago include the musical saw of multi-skilled cellist Su-a Lee (as heard to spine-tingling, sci-fi effect on “Vorka”); clarsach and electro-harp from Scottish folk musician Mary MacMaster; clarinet care of Czech musician/composer Floex; and Phil Cardwell’s uniquely versatile trumpet tones. In addition, you’ll hear a range of kantele and zithers which Joe (also a Sony-nominated radio producer and presenter) found and recorded at a school for the blind in Finland, while on location for a radio documentary.

For more info and buy check: www.hiddenorchestra.com


01. Overture
02. Spoken
03. Flight
04. Vorka
05. Hushed
06. Reminder
07. Seven Hunters
09. Disquiet
10. Vainamoinen

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  1. nateyo says:

    i love this band

  2. doo says:

    me 2 , thnx for posting this and everything else, been visiting your blog quite freqvently this days …

  3. Kurt says:

    Thanks for this, no idea what i’m downloading but I’m always looking for people with good taste to steer me. I’ll get some tasters and will be back no doubt, cheers.

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