Grooveman Spot – Paradox


New stuff from the japanese artist Grooveman Spot, enjoy! for more info and buy check:


01. Groove Me
02. Earth Drum
03. Nelson Dead End
04. Pretending (Featuring Hollie Smith & Isaac Aesili)
05. A Little Step
06. The New Terrain
07. Sugar Dance
08. Urbanizer
09. Horizon
10. Astronaut
11. Night In KBC
12. Take A Stance
13. At Noodle Kingdom
14. Inevitable (Featuring Capitol A)

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6 Responses to “Grooveman Spot – Paradox”

  1. Sebcircus says:

    Mediafire link is broken

  2. enigma says:

    Use rapidshare they have really improved their dl times and now allow free accounts to dl multiple files at once.

  3. J JO says:

    thanks dok.. can you upload “transit” by oval. japanese producer. that will be nice… Peace!

  4. JR says:

    Hey J JO the name of the group is Ovall and album title is “In Transit”.

  5. rice nig says:

    grooveman spot iz da man! thanks for the good post.

  6. x7x says:

    Quality post, staying classy

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