Funkommunity – Chequered Thoughts


Welcome to the Funkommunity, a new group founded by kiwi soul producer extraordinaire Isaac Aesili and singer Rachel Fraser, proving yet again that the new wave of New Zealand music just doesn’t stop. And alongside acclaimed names such as Fat Freddy’s Drop, Electric Wire Hustle, Ladi6, Mark De Clive-Lowe and MPM’s Sola Rosa, Funkommunity make sure that it, in fact, does get better all the time.

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01. Pass It On
02. What You Give
03. The Light
04. Dandilion
05. Never Fading
06. Sorceress
07. Yeah
08. Liquifaction
09. Northwest & 4th
10. Make It That Way
11. Start Again
12. Hold On To Me

Link removed in request of Funkommunity.

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  2. stickyblu says:

    dope stuff…thanks!!

  3. Isaac Aesili says:

    Please delete the free download links of our music! We thank you for your support but giving away our music for free is not cool.

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