Funkineven & Fatima – Phoneline EP


Eglo Records’ Fatima and Funkineven once again collaborate, proving to be an unstoppable force with an original take on contempoary UK soul and dance music. Fatima’s universal approach to Funkineven’s tilted West London swing creates a chemistry and understanding reminicent of the greats that came before them.

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01. Phoneline
02. West 2 East
03. 90′s
04. 90′s Reflex

Link removed in request of Eglo Records.

5 Responses to “Funkineven & Fatima – Phoneline EP”

  1. benskifater says:

    i love Funkineven!
    he is the most promising artist from the last 3 yrs!
    thanks Rappamelo

  2. enigma says:

    I have never heard of them before and now I never will. Seems interesting. I’m not going to buy something I’ve never heard. Just lost one potential fan Eglo Records.

  3. Dbh says:

    @enigma: Listen to it on Youtube.

  4. JR says:

    You didn’t miss much. I was disappointed, nothing special.

  5. Lexicon says:

    yeah FunkinEven is the bomb. If you want to see him spin some records you should head to the peckham palais he is always playing in the south wicked track selection too. I think he is playing on the 3rd Nov

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