Funkadelic – Maggot Brain


Funkadelic was George Clinton’s chance to get serious. Unlike Parliament, Funkadelic exhibited topical lyrics and an almost heavy-metal edge, one that included screeching, distorted guitar and unsettling musical turns. This 1971 album, Funkadelic’s second release, catches the ensemble in its early prime. The Hendrix-inspired dramatics come courtesy of Eddie Hazel, while Bernie Worrell admirably handles the keyboard chores. Clinton’s humorous, sober lyrics address poverty, race relations, and drug use. Musically, the band covers lots of ground: Everything from smooth soul and heavy rock to abstract psychedelia and straight-on funky grooves has a place, and these jarring shifts are what make the album a revolutionary work.

Personnel: Eddie Hazel , Garry Shider, Tawl Ross (vocals, guitar); Bernie Worrell (vocals, keyboards); Clarence “Fuzzy” Haskins (vocals, drums); George Clinton , Grady Thomas, Raymond Davis, Calvin Simon (vocals); Billy “Bass” Nelson (bass instrument); Ramon Tiki Fulwood (drums).


01. Maggot Brain
02. Can You Get To That
03. Hit It And Quit It
04. You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks
05. Super Stupid
06. Back In Our Minds
07. Whole Lot Of BS
09. I Miss My Baby – US Music With Funkadelic
10. Maggot Brain (Alt Mix, Recorded 1971)

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