Fat Jon – Rapture Kontrolle


New stuff from Fat Jon! This is is “Rapture Kontrolle” which is a continuation of his Maurice Galactica personality. For more info and buy check: www.amplesoul.com


01. Thoughtform
02. Divided Ascention
03. Magic Flute
04. Eternal Type Satellite
05. Galaxy Class
06. Losing U
07. Little Green Book
08. Intellect Bombs
09. A Wingman Supreme
10. Various Random
11. The Prowess
12. Pain Of A Cultured Night
13. Thirdbass Allday
14. Just A Moment

Link removed in request of Fat Jon.

5 Responses to “Fat Jon – Rapture Kontrolle”

  1. BoomerJMoore says:

    OMG!! Thank you so much! I was looking all over for this!! I was going to order it tomorrow but I get to get it now to listen to!! I’m still ordering it though! :-)

  2. Tyvianc says:

    Just listened to this, and Various Randoms is my favorite track. I made an extended mix out of it, so if anyone wants a copy of my extended “Tyvian’s Private Stock Mix” Just hit me up at tyvianc@gmail.com.

  3. Bogart says:

    Various Randoms is a very nice beat, but the voices of Intellected Bombs are taken from Heaven, Thanks , Peace

  4. bakero says:

    damn, too late

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