The Gaslamp Killer – Breakthrough


Breakthrough is the debut full-length album from the Gaslamp Killer, a manic and mystic trip through the mind of a madman. Resident DJ and co-founder of the mythic Low End Theory club night in Los Angeles, the Gaslamp Killer is known across the globe for his impeccable turntable skills and high-energy performances. He delivers the same fire to Breakthrough, a project pulled from within his soul that is his strongest musical statement yet.

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01. Breakthrought Intro
02. Veins feat. Gonjasufi
03. Holy Mt Washington feat. Computer Jay
04. Father
05. Critic feat. Mophono
06. Dead Vets feat. Adrian Younge & MRR
07. Flange Face feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
08. Fuck
09. Apparitions feat. Gonjasufi
10. Impulse feat. Daedelus
11. Peasants, Cripples & Retards feat. Samiyam
12. Meat Guilt feat. RSI
13. Mother
14. Nissim feat. Amir Yaghmai
15. Keep It Simple Stupid feat. Shigeto
16. 7 Years Of Bad Luck for Fun feat. Dimlite
17. In The Dark…

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7 Responses to “The Gaslamp Killer – Breakthrough”

  1. Merkaba says:

    Not trying to hate on this in anyway cause I got love for GLK but this album is boring. It also has noise-interludes and an intro that is just played out. Worth checking out though!

  2. Merkaba says:

    The track “Fuck” is hilarious though.. its originally from a talk Osho Rajneesh gave about how the word ‘fuck’ has taken the importance of the word ‘God.’ The talk stemmed from responses to the idea of Friedrich Nietzsche’s statement that “God is dead; so man is free.”

  3. Jhenley says:

    Straight brainfeeder in glk form.
    If you’ve liked the stuff he’s put out in the past then this won’t disappoint. It’s a great piece of work, with a ton of effort put into sounds that serenade you deep into the sitar-loving pit of the Gaslamp Killers mind. Some of the fattest jams I’ve ever heard are in this album. Favorites are hard to name, but Dead Vets is definitely up there, along with Nissim (Nissim carries out for a bit but it’s well worth it.) Daedelus’ track throws down, Samiyam makes a statement with rhythmic synth sex, Shigeto and glk together are fucking nuts, and Dimlite will take you on a musical journey with a track that (in my opinion) ties the entire album together. Loads of feelings in this one, really loved it

  4. WRKB says:

    I think I agree with Merkaba, Its not that hot. I expected more from GLK.

  5. misko says:

    don’t get these comments. Brilliant album

  6. jstar says:

    flange face is hott

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