Ta-ku – Cutting With Textures (Ode To Chet Faker)


Spent the weekend cutting/sampling/chopping the homie Chet Faker’s latest EP “Thinking In Textures”. No stems. Just vibing off Chet’s vocal stabs and melodic chords. These four edit tracks are an ode to the man himself.



01. Everything
02. I’m Into You
03. Love & Feeling
04. Terms & Nujabes

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4 Responses to “Ta-ku – Cutting With Textures (Ode To Chet Faker)”

  1. Zman & Cheese says:

    oh hell yes! ta-ku at it again

  2. sambaker says:

    yo i aint no hater but taku be on dat corny tip. elaquent is right: he a dork

  3. quacky says:

    meh corn

  4. dat chunk mon says:

    can you post a download link to the actual album?

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