Ras G – El-Aylien Part II: C.razy A.lien


Pillar of Los Angeles experimental music RAS G beats-down the beat-scene yet again with the follow-up to 2010′s El-Aylien, C.razy A.lien. Listen as the Space-Base Continuum breach all previous cosmic sound travel through the Afrikan Space Program‘s persistent practice in all abstract musics. El-Aylien Pt II is another call for you to become one with the C.razy A.lien, joining the movement of the futuristic free-spirit.

For more info and buy check: www.leavingrecords.com


01. Intro
02. Broken Catridge!
03. Dogstar Sirius
04. Unfolding
05. Plates and Forks (The PAF)
06. Sike Ya Life
07. Green Curry

Link removed in request of Ras G.

4 Responses to “Ras G – El-Aylien Part II: C.razy A.lien”

  1. name says:

    Remove my music from your blog SPIT!!!

    • kyle says:

      well that’s definitely not Ras…that or Ras has become a bit of an asshole in the past year since i met him. also, wtf does SPIT!!! mean?

  2. f g says:

    Nothing to see hear…. just some hot space trash

  3. Flying Moumoute says:

    nobody knows ras g and the poor guy thinks Sun Ra ! lol ! fat pig arrested at mc donald eating it will make you less stupid ! your music is the shit asshole !

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