Metal Fingers – Special Herbs Vol. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0

Instrumental series released by Daniel Dumile as Metal Fingers, enjoy!

Special Herbs Vol. 1-2


01. Saffron
02. Arrow Root
03. Zatar
04. Fenugreek
05. Sumac Berries
06. Coriander
07. Shallots
08. Charnsuka
09. Monosodium Glutamate
10. Red #40
11. Nettle Leaves
12. Mullein
13. Mugwort
14. All Spice
15. Lovage
16. Eucalyptus
17. Myrrh

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Special Herbs Vol. 3-4


01. Agrimony
02. Arabic Gum
03. Benzoin Gum
04. Bergamot Wild
05. Calamus Root Soul.
06. Dragon’s Blood Resin
07. Elder Blossoms
08. Styrax Gum
09. Blood Root
10. Star Anis
11. Lemon Grass
12. Four Thieves Vinegar
13. Galangal Root
14. Spikenard
15. Cinquefoil
16. Hyssop

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Special Herbs Vol. 5-6


01. Pennyroyal
02. Lavender Buds
03. White Willow Bark
04. Orange Blossoms
05. Coffin Nails
06. Kava Kava Root
07. Valerian Root
08. Jasmine Blossoms
09. Black Snake Root
10. Horehound
11. Dragons Blood
12. Myrtle Leaf
13. Patchouly Leaves

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Special Herbs Vol. 7-8


01. Safed Musli
02. Emblica Officinalis
03. Licorice
04. Sarsaparilla
05. Fo Ti
06. Camphor
07. High John
08. Mandrake
09. Devil’s Shoestring
10. Wormwood
11. Cedar
12. Buckeyes
13. Chrysanthemum Flowers

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Special Herbs Vol. 9-0


01. Vinca Rosea
02. Burdock Root
03. Vervain
04. Bergamot
05. Podina
06. Untitled (Meditation)
07. Coltsfoot Leaf
08. Orris Root Powder
09. Passion Flower
10. Yellow Dock
11. Datura Stramonium
12. Coca Leaf
13. Peach Extract

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13 Responses to “Metal Fingers – Special Herbs Vol. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0”

  1. Jeff says:

    Thank you so much! It’s hard to find this complete collection named well.

  2. nateyo says:

    bout time!
    theres one more out there called
    Hidden Herbs Vol. 1-2 by Metal Face Terrorist (some repeats and exclusives tracks, just like in the special herb volumes)
    heres a link

  3. WRKB says:

    This is some serious shiet.

  4. jrozay says:


    thank you

  5. Ulzzang says:

    Nice to find the whole collection, thanks!

  6. UNDERVAN says:

    Thanks a lot for upload that. I love that instrumental series.


  7. DavidTrife says:

    WICKED UPLOAD! Thanks so much!

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