Gianni Ferrio – La Morte Risale A Ieri Sera


Digitmovies presents the world premiere CD reissue of the music score by Gianni Ferrio for “La Morte Risale a Ieri Sera,” a giallo drama directed in 1970 by Duccio Tessari (with whom Gianni Ferrio later collaborated on another giallo called “Una farfalla con le ali insanguinate,” starring Raf Vallone, Frank Wolff, Gabriele Tinti, Eva Renzi and Beryl Cunningham.

Gianni Ferrio is one of the most known names of the Italian scoring scene, a prolific author, arranger and conductor for the big screen and TV entertainment. He wrote several scores including memorable Spaghetti Western music like “Amico, Stammi Lontano Almeno un Palmo.”

Although two other Ferrio’s giallo scores were still available on the RightTempo Cds (‘La morte accarezza a mezzanotte’ ET 902 CD and ‘Una farfalla con le ali insanguinate’ ET 918 CD), “La morte risale a ieri sera’ finally gets a deluxe CD treatment. For this product we were able to locate the original stereo tapes of the 1970 Cinevox LP MDF 33/35 and they were in terrific sound conditions. We searched for the complete tapes, but realized that all the recorded music for the movie filled the original 33 rpm vinyl. But the real big discovery were the missing songs ‘I giorni che ci appartengono’ (the original film Main Titles song) and ‘Incompatibilit√†’ (used as background music for the family life scenes montage with father (Raf Vallone) and her daughter) sung by the amazing voice of ‘MINA’ (the Italian diva of pop music, who often has collaborated during her long career with Gianni Ferrio as author/arranger and conductor of many of her hits).

These two songs were not enclosed in the original OST album and they are now two very rare bonus tracks completing the rest of the score on this disc.


01. I Giorni Che Ci Appartengono
02. Livia
03. Il Numero Non Risponde
04. Milano Rhythm & Blues
05. Brughiera
06. Il Duro Scappa
07. L’Inchiesta
08. Morte Di Salvatore
09. Incompatibilità
10. Un Giorno,Ieri
11. Donatella
12. Stadio Vuoto
13. Passeggiata In Tre
14. La Chiave Del Mistero
15. Ricordi (Solo Organ)
16. L’Ultimo Sabato
17. I Giorni Che Ci Appartengono (Original Main Titles – Vocal Version)
18. Incompatibilità (Vocal Version)

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