Damu The Fudgemunk – Damumelo


I listened “Redef Remix” on Saturday and then i spent the whole Sunday afternoon listening to my favorite instrumentals and beats released by Damu in last years, i was annoyed to play the “skip game” (yep the funny game when you start to hit the skip button to find your favorite track) so i decided to select like a 60 minutes of instrumentals and beats to put into my mp3 player…. then this morning i was thinking: mmm i’m gonna do a “cover” (a photo with not a good title… yep) and i’m gonna post this to the blog…. here it is.

If you want more > www.redefinitionrecords.com


01. Pulse – Fudgemunk Instro 2006
02. The Beat Goes On
03. You Know Who! (2006)
04. All Green
05. Never Off (On & On)
06. How Many Of Us
07. Wonka Beat 5
08. Coffee Table – 2005
09. Boomerang Luck (2007)
10. Peace I’m Out the Door
11. Prosper
12. Killin’ Time Rhyme
13. Not So Young Anymore (2005)
14. Colorful Storms – Official Mix
15. Time Leak (Redef Remix)
16. Tea Thyme (2005)
17. Gettin’ & Steppin (2006)

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8 Responses to “Damu The Fudgemunk – Damumelo”

  1. j.bickford says:

    This guy has that mid-nineties NYC approach; he reminds me of Large Pro, Pete Rock, J Dilla, and Q-Tip. Definitely worth the extra attention for a mix. Thanks.

  2. E.S. says:

    Yes! Been meaning to put something like this together for awhile now.

  3. Vadyaka says:

    You did a great job! Damu is one of my favorite producers! Imho, he is one of the most talanted musicians of modern hip-hop. Thanks a lot!
    Respect from Russia.

  4. halftime says:

    dope, but my favorite two tracks are streamline (instrumental) and the wonka beat 6 .. still i hope heads who dont know about him, this will def show them his talent.

  5. jah says:

    amazing job

  6. riles says:

    gotta agree with j. bickford, damu comes with that mid nineties feel, definitely something worth a listen…wish more dudes were puttin tunes out like this

  7. pj says:

    thanks, great compilation !

  8. aj says:

    ouch! file removed!

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