Cymande – Promised Heights


On their final LP for Janus Records, Cymande continues the heavy message theme of Second Time Round. “Pon de Dungle” is about the secrets of life and love articulated over a lazy beat. “Equatorial Forest” is a multifaceted tune with a lightning tempo and sliding, accentuating horns, while the Curtis Mayfield-ish “Brothers on the Slide” has some commercial appeal. The flavorful “Changes” is like viewing a good oil painting; the slow, moody instrumental has a meditating effect, and a soft, airy flute makes for an inconspicuous lead instrument. “Promised Heights,” the title cut, is strong, and should have done better for Cymande. It has the lilt and beauty of earlier sides, the horn work is sensational, and a nice sax solo scintillates. That same looping reggae beat is matched with meaningful lyrics and a positive, working-together theme on “Losing Ground.” “The Recluse” has a great hook (“When will all the lights go, will they leave the blackest night”) and features a nice romping beat spiced by sweeping horns. Cymande is a perfect example of music’s universal appeal; despite not knowing 70-percent of what they’re saying, you’re still drawn into the sounds. (allmusic)


01. Pon De Dungle
02. Equatorial Forest
03. Brothers On The Slide
04. Changes
05. Breezemen
06. Promised Heights
07. Losing Ground
08. Leavert
09. The Recluse
10. Sheshamani

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  1. nateyo says:

    beautiful album
    this one made me smile

  2. halftime says:

    really good stuff, please up more of this!!

  3. Ededdeddie says:

    Who ever you are, you deserve more credit than given. thank again for an amazing choice, Rapp!!

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