Blu & Exile – Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them


Blu & Exile return to their collaborative origins with the release of Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them, the long-anticipated followup to the duo’s landmark debut, Below the Heavens. For more info and buy check:


01. A Letter
02. Ease Your Mind
03. Maybe One Day ft. Black Spade
04. I Am Jean
05. O Heaven
06. More Out Of Life ft. Jasmine Mitchell
07. The Only One ft. Jimetta Rose
08. Money
09. Mask Your Soul
10. Good Morning Neighbor
11. Growing Panis ft. Johaz (Dag Savage) & Fashawn
12. Don’t Be Jelly
13. Berries & Juices
14. The Great Escape ft. Homeboy Sandman & ADAD
15. Seasons
16. A Man
17. Cent From Heaven

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  1. Youdidtherightthing says:

    Can’t wait to hear this! Perfect combination

  2. undergroundwellin says:

    Gooooood Jooooooob!!!!!

  3. lovelychica says:

    Could you get some Diggs Duke on here? Pretty Please? Thanks….

  4. FanOfArt says:

    awesome site, i can always expect non stop good music on here

  5. buckshot_lefonk says:

    yeah yeah! Awesome site, I can tell !!
    Thanks for for letting us being juvenile and up-to-date !

    This album is a gem. The stake was high, so is the result !

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