B. Bravo & Teeko – The Starship Connection EP


The Starship has finally landed with this instant classic from B. Bravo and Teeko! West coast-inspired Funk meets classic analog electronics, with a true emotional appeal lacking from many of todayʼs contemporaries.

For more info and buy check: www.fritenite.com


01. The Roll Out
02. More Than Just A Dream
03. Just Like Magic feat. Amalia
04. Double Up (K Murda’s Theme)
05. More Than Just A Reprise feat. Bob Menacho and Daren Grant

Link removed in request of Teeko.

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  1. Kurt says:

    Strange that he asked you to take it down because it is available to listen on soundcloud. http://soundcloud.com/fritenite/ftnt018-b-bravo-teeko-the
    Thanks for the heads up anyway.

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