Sola Rosa – Low and Behold, High and Beyond


With six albums under his belt, a raft of accolades and well over a decade of producing genre-splitting music, Andrew Spraggon’s work as Sola Rosa has cemented him as one of the world’s most exciting and versatile producers. From a humble, self-released one man project, Sola Rosa has grown to a live collective of international repute. Successfully melding hip hop, reggae, jazz, latin, soul and funk, the group have never sat comfortably in one box, but with Spraggon’s guidance, that restlessness has been channelled into six succinct albums. With all that behind them, Sola Rosa are set to release their new album, Low and Behold, High and Beyond. Written over New Zealand’s past two summers, Spraggon has drawn together a host of familiar names and new faces, and produced an album that’s more beat-driven, but as always, tinged with his trademark soul and funk. Spikey Tee, Ben White, Matt Short and Julien Dyne have joined Spraggon to form the musical core of the group. While Olivier Daysoul, L.A. Mitchell, Ned Worboys and Miles Bonny all lend vocals to the project.

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01. Promise Ft. Olivier Daysoul
02. I’m Not That Guy Ft. Spikey Tee
03. Spinning Top Ft. L.A. Mitchell
04. Lions Den
05. Rise (The Machine) Ft. Spikey Tee
06. Misunderstood Ft. Miles Bonny
07. Real Life Ft. L.A. Mitchell
08. Wiggle Ft. Olivier Daysoul
09. Never Enough Ft. Ned Worboys
10. In My Dreams Ft. Spikey Tee
11. Loveless Ft. L.A. Mitchell

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2 Responses to “Sola Rosa – Low and Behold, High and Beyond”

  1. sleepAngelo says:

    just wow.. so freakin’ fresh!

    Sola Rosa Le Tour de Europe please! too dope…

    …’nd I’ve no f***** clue what this genre is but I don’t give a b…….

    Oh and Misunderstood Ft. Miles Bonny is out of this world. seriously

  2. pj says:

    I agree, excellent ! Reallu nice production !

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