Now-Again Music Library Vol. 01-02-03-04


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Oh No ‎- Now-Again Music Library Vol. 01 – Oh No Vs. Now-Again

Coming off the critically acclaimed albums Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms and, most recently, Dr. No’s Oxperiment, Cali-based producer Oh No delves into the funk and soul of the Now-Again Records and Soul-Cal Records catalogs, bringing a modern meaning to the concept of library music.

Beats within range in mood and style, as Oh No applies his swaggering hip-hop treatment to the sinister guitars and horn licks from Omaha’s L.A. Carnival; the crashing high school auditorium drums of Houston’s Kashmere Stage Band; the feel-good modern soul harmonies of Soul-Cal acts like Luther Davis and Pure Essence; and more.


01. Flight
02. What We Need
03. Price Is Right
04. Out West
05. Presidential
06. What We Got
07. Still Got It
08. The Track
09. Testin’ It Out
10. Coffee Break
11. Kickin’ It
12. Junkyard
13. On The Trail
14. First Thing
15. Starlight
16. Newsworthy
17. Play On
18. Run On Sentence
19. Tha Magnificence
20. I Feel Like It
21. Came and Went
22. Cross Country
23. Not Nice
24. Raw Stew
25. Essential
26. Blindness
27. Real Dump
28. Soul Surgery
29. Phantastic

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Oh No Vs. Percee P – Now-Again Music Library Vol. 02 – Oh No Vs. Percee P

Remixed version of Percee P album.


01. Praise
02. Verbal Heat Rapid Fire
03. Know My Voice featuring Diamond
04. Rock The Spot
05. No Time featuring Chali 2na
06. Comin’ Out
07. Watch Your Step featuring Vinnie Paz & Guilty Simpson
08. Last of the GOATs featuring Prince Po
09. As Far As You Can Take It
10. The Page That Built Me featuring Aesop Rock
11. A Message
12. Love the Lady

Link removed in request of Now Again Records.

Koushik – Now-Again Music Library Vol. 03 – Koushik Vs. Now-Again

Koushik is no stranger to the Now-Again Records catalog. His “Cold Beats” EP, featuring Percee P and based around samples from the Cold Heat compilation (NA 5017), contained so many raw interpretations of those heavy funk skillets that we had to give him access to the catalog to see what he could cook up next.

Out of the frying pan, into the freezer, then, with Cold Treats. Here Koushik crafts a range of beats that range from horn-driven hip hop (courtesy of The Stark Reality) to bonus beat madness to new takes on the four on the floor disco rhythms of the Record Player… and beyond.


01. Dreams (Pt. 1)
02. Dreams (Pt. 2)
03. Doublesum
04. Bouncebouncebounce
05. Spacejack
06. Ta2
07. Get Everything In
08. Wiggle Dogs
09. Kashdoinit
10. K.T.H.
11. On This Earth
12. Dtop
13. Rollercombat
14. Skipthis
15. Oosh It
16. Mivory
17. Peetey
18. Cold Beats Intro
19. Cold Beats Bonus Beat 1
20. Cold Beats Bonus Beat 2
21. Cold Beats Bonus Beat 3
22. Cold Beats Outro
23. Letitout
24. Basketball Beat
25. 2much4tender
26. Wiggle Free
27. 92
28. Jamnesty

Link removed in request of Now Again Records.

Maker ‎- Now-Again Music Library Vol. 04 – Maker Vs. Now-Again

Chicago-area beatsmith Maker marks his Now-Again Records debut with Maker Vs. Now-Again, an entry in the same “music-library” series that saw the release of limited edition (and often not-for-sale) albums such “Oh No Vs. Now-Again” and MRR-ADM’s unnamed “Black Album”.


01. Walk Away Son
02. Shout
03. The Love We Have
04. Everyone Else
05. Realizati
06. Happeningson
07. Everything Is Beautiful
08. The Fire That Burns
09. Hold’em
10. Organ Prelude Dub
11. Colors
12. Summer Times
13. Free
14. Southside Phantom
15. Forge Your Own Chains
16. Come Home With Me
17. Sneek Into My Bedroom
18. Snake Bite
19. Summer Times, Pt. 2
20. Ashtray

Link removed in request of Now Again Records.

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