Sunrise Blend 2


After the successful first volume, it was obvious for us to consider a sequel. This year, we welcome 25 promising artists coming from differents scenes such as hip hop, future funk or even house. Once again, Sunrise Blend 2 wants to provide you some fresh music for the upcoming evenings of the summer. Needless to say that we hope that our goal will be reached with this eclectic selection of titles at the crossroads of several movements, and it surely has something in comming : the 80’s groovyness.

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01. Evil Needle – Groovin’ In Heaven
02. Profl.Logik – Touch
03. Midnight Runners – Found
04. Bongholio Iglesias – Hot Summer Daze
05. Mix Chopin – Lush
06. SpinOFF – Tifata
07. 4REPLAY – Sommer Love
08. Somepling – TapeMooves
09. Jolly Mare – Ziloca
10. Phil Gerus – Lust Escort
11. Mr.Troy – Assimilate
12. Ta-ku – Say No
13. Maitro – Abstract Romance
15. Frankfurt Funk – Never Knew A Love Like This
16. Dream West – INOUI (feat. Nik @ Nite)
17. Ohbliv – Sumboutyogirl
18- Sivey – A Little Help
19. Sweater Beats – Make A Move
20. Vanilla – Midnight
22. Sloslylove – Forever Love
23. Navigateur – Cold Sweat
24. Croza – Passenger
25. Daylight Rain – colourblind

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10 Responses to “Sunrise Blend 2”

  1. Easywind says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing – Rappamelo is a great site! Since about a year I visit it nearly every day … and always find some superb music! Keep on groovin`!

    • DC says:

      No doubt. This site is the few that I have on routine to check everyday for new music. It really is a gem of the internet, and I thank them for that.

  2. gary says:

    i would love to one day come to this site and see an album from 2012 that hasn’t been posted on countless blogs before hand.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then stop visiting this blog, if you can find the albums that are posted on countless other blogs before hand. No one is forcing you to come here, that’s your own decision to do so.

  3. Tyvian Corry says:

    Thanks for releasing this joint….love the compilation and was wondering do you have the first one as well. Keep up the good work. Rappamelo has always been my source for finding the best new music and the greatest jazz albums as well. I check everyday and my day isn’t complete unless I check Rappamelo!!!!

  4. Rvidxr Kxvn says:

    @tyvian yes they have it just put it in the search box

  5. pj says:

    first compilation : http://www. /?8qczs567j662c77

  6. LEBOOB says:

    yeay, got some midnight runners innit!

  7. dee says:

    love this mix, can’t get enough of it

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