Roy Ayers Ubiquity – He’s Coming


One of the rarest and greatest Roy Ayers albums of all time – the sly, funky and spiritual masterpiece He’s Coming from 1971 – really the beginning of the funk years from Roy Ayers Ubiquity! This one’s a totally solid mix of soulful jazz, jazzy soul and righteous funk – and it’s straight up wonderful all the way through – with a groove that’s hugely influential to say the least! Includes the amazing track “We Live In Brooklyn Baby”, which has a slow sample bassline in the intro that’s just incredible – plus groovy cuts like the spiritual funk classic Jesus Christ Superstar “He’s a Superstar”, “He’s Coming”, and “Sweet Tears”. The lineup includes Sonny Fortune on soprano sax and flute and Billy Cobham drums and percussion, and the record’s co-arranged by Harry Whitaker, who’s also on keys and vocals – with other tracks include “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”, “Ain’t Got Time”, “I Don’t Know How To Love Him”, “Sweet Butterfly Of Love” and “Fire Weaver”. Amazing stuff, really a beautiful encapsulation of Roy Ayers in peak form! (


01. He’s A Superstar
02. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
03. Ain’t Got Time
04. I Do’t Know How To Love Him
05. He’s Coming
06. We Live In Brooklyn, Baby
07. Sweet Butterfly of Love
08. Sweet Tears
09. Fire Weaver

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  1. gary says:

    thank you for sharing this amazing album!

  2. Jo Deey says:

    Great cover album.. Thank you for sharing this album.

  3. pj says:

    good one, thanks!

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