J Dilla – Dillatroit


The time has come. A collaboration for the ages which trancends musical categories. The greatest hip hop producer in history meeting with a gatekeeper of the Detroit music and culture. A clash of two titans, JDilla and K.D.Jr. a.k.a. “MoodyMann”, the legendary music producer. These two Detroiters and friends should have collaborated long ago. “DillaTroit” E.P. is documentation for all historians and music lovers worldwide. “MoodyMann” has reached within his artistic greatness to express his love and appreciation for JDilla and the “Rebirth of Detroit” with his stylings on this very rare and one time vinyl release for Mahogani Music and Ruff Draft Records.

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01. Birthright
02. Feel This Shit
03. The Best That Ever Did It
04. Lets Pray Together
05. Ride Wit It
06. Say My Name
07. Dillatoit
08. Detroit Madness
09. Possible
10. Mind Yo Business
11. Rebirth Is Necessary
12. Pitfalls

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8 Responses to “J Dilla – Dillatroit”

  1. Rvidxr Kxvn says:

    It’s a shame how everyone is making money threw this mans legacy.. Most of this album I’ve possessed for years now.. Where all the bling47 material at with dilla rapping/singing?? This is what I though this was but guess we gotta wait another 10yrs for dudes to give up that material… #Shameful

  2. T*O*N*Y says:

    yea i dont like what they’re doin with dilla’s legacy, but i do dig moodyman so im interested in what this sounds like. also rappamelo…i missed out on knxwledge’s latest shit….and now ima buy it. cuz its so crack…..just telling u cuz i think its funny how i got all that niggas shit from you dawg. thanks a lot man cuz i wouldve never heard of dude.

  3. guin says:

    why is the sample rate 48kHz???

  4. Dilla Fan says:


  5. Dilla Fan says:


  6. Charles Darwin says:


  7. Kickor says:

    I was so looking forward to this, until I figured this wasn’t an instrumental EP.

    I was so let down by “Rebirth”, this was suppose to remedy that…

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