Christian Scott – Christian aTunde Adjuah


Edison Award winning trumpeter-composer-producer-bandleader Christian Scott releases his compelling new album, Christian aTunde Adjuah. The follow-up to his critically-acclaimed Yesterday You Said Tomorrow is an inspired and provocative two-disc, 23-track collection. With the artist s trumpet at the heart of most of the tunes, the album features reflective ballads, light and dreamy soundscapes, guitar-edged and rock-inflected cookers, trumpet ecstasies as well as clarion calls and anguished wails. A tour de force masterwork, Christian aTunde Adjuah opens a wide window on Scott s present as well as his past (especially in reaction to the jazz trads complaining about his breaking free from the jazz standard) and his auspicious creative future. In his liners, Scott writes that the listener will hear on the album a stretching of jazz, not a replacement. That is what I hope younger people will be able to take away from it as well the idea that innovation should never be regarded as a problem in artistic practice, that one should always be aware of what has come before, and finally, that criticisms shouldn t evoke paralysis, [but] should inspire action.


CD 1
01. Fatima Aisha Rokero 400
02. New New Orleans (King Adjuah Stomp)
03. Kuro Shinobi (Interlude)
04. Who They Wish I Was
05. Pyrrhic Victory of aTunde Adjuah
06. Spy Boy Flag Boy
07. vs. the Kleptocratic Union (Ms. McDowell’s Crime)
08. Kiel
09. Of Fire (Les Filles de la Nouvelle Orleans)
10. Dred Scott
11. Danziger

CD 2
01. The Berlin Patient (CCR5)
02. Jihad Joe
03. Van Gogh (Interlude)
04. Liar Liar
05. I Do
06. Alkebu Lan
07. Bartlett
08. When Marissa Stands Her Ground
09. Cumulonimbus (Interlude)
10. Away (Anuradha & the Maiti Nepal)
11. The Red Rooster
12. Cara

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3 Responses to “Christian Scott – Christian aTunde Adjuah”

  1. untchble says:

    Break this out into a single CD and you got a classic! Kudos to C Scott, can’t wait to see him play again in person. I ordered this from the UK since it is not out in the states until 7/31.

  2. Barbiefresh says:

    Much love for Scott’s music! My favourite tracks are isadora, like this & like that, from his previous albums. Merci for this download

  3. elotroserch says:

    Thank you so Much!! He have a bright future, he´s so good.
    Sorry for the english. I´m from Mexico

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