Tall Black Guy Presents: Tempo Dreams Vol.1


From humble origins in Detroit, raised on a healthy diet of Motown, Jazz, and Early Hip-Hop – Terrel Wallace (aka Tall Black Guy) has been steadily building a massive online following through a steady stream of productions filled with incredibly clever sample flips and deft production chops – being championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson (who included him on the latest Brownswood Bubblers album), Lefto, Anthony Valadez, and countless others – as well as recently being named the winner of the Robert Glasper Remix competition.

“Tempo Dreams Vol. 1” is entirely curated by Tall Black Guy and features an array of bubbling producers from all over the world including Ta-Ku, Tensei, Monkey Robot, Evil Needle, Buscrates, Chief, Teru, and many others. Of course, TBG himself had to contribute a track on “Tempo Dreams Vol. 1” as well… (urb.com)

For more info and buy check: bastardjazz.bigcartel.com


01. Teru – Time To Reinvent
02. Chief Scanner Resurrection
03. Tensei – Space Colony
04. Jeriko Jackson – Only Just
05. MonkeyRobot – Basement Infusion
06. BusCrates – Horizons
07. FloydCheung – Pain
08. Doc Illingsworth – Snoozer Bar
09. Evil Needle – Mood
10. Ta-Ku – Smile
11. Tall Black Guy – Sparkling Adventure
12. Shecky’s Jazzy Tofu – Butterfly

Link removed in request of Bastard Jazz Recordings

19 Responses to “Tall Black Guy Presents: Tempo Dreams Vol.1”

  1. pj says:

    my cd is not yet arrived… great compilation !!

  2. Camogurl says:

    Dope compilation looking forward to receiving my vinyl in the mail

  3. Easywind says:

    Dear Rappamelo!
    Your site is great, I love it and visit It nearly every day! Some time ago I exlored an awesome va compilation-album named “Ocean Of Tears” … and because I love space-jazz and future-trip-hop too, I took three songs and uploaded `em at my YouTube-site … Sumeo – Heaven, Cardio Rhythm – Cosmic Gate and Anatoli Ice – Space. I combined Sumeo`s Heaven with some nice pictures of UFOs, aliens and flying sausages … :


    Thnx a lot for sharing!

  4. Easywind says:

    If You like to visit me at my youtube-channel:


    thnk you!

  5. gary says:

    i love it when labels take links down then you simply hover your mouse over the title of the post, select “search google for …” & a different link is first option.

    • Camogurl says:

      I hate it how cheap-ass people like yourself try to screw over indie artists/labels who are trying to make a living wackness at its best. If you love the music so much then support it.

  6. enigma says:

    camogurl you’re an idiot this type of publicity is priceless. There are a bevy of artists that have made it big by pushing there music for free. You know what there are ton more of? Failed independent artists that make it no where selling their wares piece by piece to whoever will pay.

    • Camogurl says:

      How is it priceless? Are you getting paid from your art? Are you getting first-hand experience? Or did you read it somewhere and then just decide to believe the bs?

  7. enigma says:

    Anybody have a good link to share?

  8. gary says:

    @Camogurl, I buy lots of music in vinyl/cd. I looked to see how much it’d cost me to buy this in LP & the postage was $13.50. not paying $27 for 1 vinyl.

    @enigma – luckyshare.net/1612002137

    • Camogurl says:

      You’re an idiot for your long-winded explanations on why you should feel justified for ripping off artists who deserve to be paid for the work they do just like anyone who works. Or how would you like someone to snatch your paycheck at the end of your 40 hour work week? Do you enjoy working for free? Are you working as a volunteer? Shut up then

      • BeNZ says:

        This guy is still an “upcoming artist”

        Those who will pay, will pay. Those who don’t but enjoy the music and will tell everyone about this artist, is better for the artist.

        Music will always be accessible for free so why not give it for free. Music like this (non bubblegum/commercial/real) has a success that is not all monetary & you cannot compare it to your 40 hour week.

        They will get the monetary support & respect they deserve in due time.

        FYI – he is performing here in New Zealand next week.

  9. Engima says:

    Camogurl I have worked actually for free for 14 years as a DJ at a commercial free college radio station helping break artists like the one we are discussing. I think I may know a little about independent artists and how they become successful. Benz is right on.

  10. ha says:

    college radio hasn’t “broken” anyone for about 10-15 years.

  11. djerikthered says:

    FYI there is a legit free DL for the Tall Black Guy track from this compilation, for anybody that wants to grab/share/support: http://soundcloud.com/bastardjazz/11-tall-black-guy-sparkling

  12. Marek says:

    Now, Would you PLEASE, just SHUT the HELL up? Nobody gives a damn what your opinion is. People who don’t want to pay for the music won’t and those that do will so just let it be. You can’t stop people from downloading on the internet unless you want to go to everyone’s house and take their computers.

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