Portformat – Entropy


Entropy is a measure of uncertainty leading to a lower level of information. The eighteen stories of love and life featured on Portformat’s new album aim for exactly that, asking you to listen closer to your instincts and follow your dreams.

Elegantly combining R&B, hip hop and electronics, the dream world of ‘Entropy’ takes the listener on a mysterious trip towards inner space. Fellow dream chasers on this space ride include TDR vocalists such as Alicia Renee, Amalia, Colonel Red, Dudley Perkins, Eagle Nebula, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Stan Smith and other very special guests. So buckle up and get ready to explore the entropy with us!

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01. Bitter Sweet feat. Eagle Nebula & Trezure Empire
02. Cosmic Rays feat. Pursuit Grooves
03. What We Have Here feat. Alicia Renee aka Blue Eyes
04. It’s Been So Long feat. Astrid Engberg
05. Myself I feat. Cherri Prince
06. Scream & Shout feat. Miles Bonny
07. Dubtimistic
08. Where Do I Belong feat. Amalia
09. Science Fiction feat. DistantStarr
10. These Heaters feat. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow
11. Master Mind feat. Gianna Charles
12. Spiritual feat. DistantStarr & Sabrina Cuie
13. The Bear
14. So Good feat. Stan Smith
15. Dream feat. Shuanise
16. King Smiles feat. Alex Rita Bramsen
17. Move On Up feat. Colonel Red
18. Dazzling Array (Outro)

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  1. Easywind says:

    Hi Rappamelo!

    I luv Ur site! great channel – great uploads – thanx a lot for sharing!

  2. nateyo says:

    i liked the concept of the album. The progression satisfied me , i thought i was gonna go in the opposite direction, but instead went towards heavenly planes!

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