Modlee & Vlooper – Sunwalk EP


For our 12th installment, we have Modlee & Vlooper who are a great representation of the Montreal, QC beat culture. Although their chemistry in sound is undeniable, their connection is much deeper. These two are a supreme duo that are sonically connected personally through love and the music that they create together.

VLOOPER is part of the Alaclair Ensemble who have a deep progressive momentum that is spreading worldwide. His solo work and collaboration release ‘Analog Love’ with Modlee was a great success in 2010. The whole vibe of this EP has a future-soul and forward thinking sound direction that compliments Modlee’s vocals. Modlee compliments the depth and style of Vlooper’s productions.


01. All Matter (Bilal’s)
02. Doo
03. Pon DI LUV
04. Dancin’
05. Sunwalk ft. Kenlo (Alaclair)

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