Knxwledge – karma.loops.prt3


Again new Knxwledge, enjoy! 128kbps quality so buy HQ here >


01. agoni
02. jstleft
03. malohabits
04. nobodielse
05. relintlessli
06. seeinkRowt
07. thruthend
08. wntwrk

Link removed in request of Knxwledge.

12 Responses to “Knxwledge – karma.loops.prt3”

  1. tmac says:

    His stuff gets better with each release

  2. psycho says:

    no kidding. why would knx be the only artist that you share at 128k, when you share all the others at 320k? in the case that knx wouldn’t be you, do you think that it’s a good support when people play his music at 128k, while they keep playing all the other artists at 320? once it’s downloaded, it’s in the box. and people don’t take the time to go purchase something they already have, even if quality is crap. unsigned artists should share they stuff full quality, in their own interest. for exemple i can’t afford everything, so i play what i got (knx stuff at 128k, while i play flylo in flac, for exemple) but most of times i just avoid playing 128k in clubs and all that! please think, and realise that you obtain the opposite of what you expect :)

    • dOk says:

      simply i don’t have 320k, then feel free to skip.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you don;t like the quality of stuff that is posted, then skip it, or purchase any quality that you would like, instead of complaining.

    • Anonymous says:

      Knxwledge is not the only artist that dOk shares at 128 kbps. Other artists include most recently Evil Needle – Equilibrium, 0hbliv – SLPHNC2.EP, Freddie Joachim – Keep Lovin, Ta-ku – SCRAPS Vol.2, LoVeMuscLe – 4pLay, Mndsgn – Daypass, AbJo – Sankofa EP, Sir Froderick – Qualm Monk EP, Häzel – The Lost Tapes, Ichiro_ – Noon EP, Devonwho – Thumbtracks Remixes Vol. 1.5, and Eric Lau – Makin’ Sound, just to name a few. So, your argument that Knx is the only artist that is posted at 128 kbps is invalid.

  3. zappa says:

    Good job once again dOk :)

    Thank you!

  4. gary says:

    thanks for more knx, the other 50 “eps” just weren’t enough!

    the more of his crap you post the less likely it is people will buy his music. just sayin’

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t pay $5 for five minutes of loops anyways. Knx needs to stop releasing these “EP”s every other week, and release a good LP.

  5. FrankeL says:

    Maybe its not about the money guys, maybe he does it for his love and enjoyment of making the music? His stuff at 128kb sounds good enough for me and I’m an audiophile. He offers it at better quality so people who want to support him can and also get the music at better quality, that is all.

  6. gary says:

    “Maybe its not about the money guys, maybe he does it for his love and enjoyment of making the music?”

    if that was the case he wouldn’t be selling loops $1 a piece would he?:/

    i do like alot of knx’s stuff however asking $1 a track is very demanding.

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