J Dilla – Rebirth Of Detroit


J Dilla’s mother, Mrs. Maureen “MaDukes” Yancey, is pleased to announce a new album of unreleased material from her son. “Rebirth of Detroit” will feature new music from the late producer, as well as Detroit’s finest emcees and musicians who have both worked with and/or been influenced by J Dilla including Amp Fiddler, Illa J, Frank Nitt, Chuck Inglish (Cool Kids), Boldy James, Phat Kat, Guilty Simpson, Jay Electronica, Asher Roth, Danny Brown, DJ J-Rocc of the Beat Junkies, DJ Dez, Fat Ray, Will Sessions and more. It was important to Maureen Yancey that this project be a collaboration of emcees and musicians working in the Detroit Hip Hop community.

“This will bring together artists that have drifted away from one another and haven’t been able to work with each other lately. It’s a healing process for the city. For individuals, it’s going to bring back the love and the passion for the music and for what hip-hop has to offer.” – Maureen “MaDukes” Yancey

All songs produced by J Dilla except “Let’s Pray Together” co-produced by Amp-Fiddler.

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01. The New Installment (Intro)
02. Detroit Madness with Phat Kat3. “Big Thangs” with Esham
04. Ride With It with Tha Almighty Dreadnaughtz
05. Say My Name with LaPeace, Moe Dirdee and Seven The General
06. Detroit Game with Chuck Inglish (COOL KIDS) and Boldy James
07. Feel this Shit with KetchPhraze
08. City of Boom with Loe Louis and Beej
09. Let’s Pray Together with Amp Fiddler
10. Requiem with Allan Barnes (The Blackbyrds)
11. Do It Right with Fat Ray, VStylez and Soul Man (A.W.O.L.)
12. My Victory with Boldy James
13. Rebirth is Necessary with Tone Plummer and Mr. Wrong
14. DILLATROIT with Supa Emcee, Nick Speed and Guilty Simpson
15. Center of The Movement with 5ELA ft. Pierre Anthony
16. Pitfalls with Fat Ray, LaPeace and Loe Louis
17. Do It For Dilla Dawg with Illa J and Frank Nitt (CAKE BOYS)
18. Jay Dee’s Revenge with Danny Brown ft. DJ DEZ
19. Motor City Sparks with Corey Sparks and Beej
20. House Shoes Was Spinnin with Quelle Chris
21. The Best That Ever Did It with Jon C and Allan Barnes (The Blackbyrds)

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32 Responses to “J Dilla – Rebirth Of Detroit”

  1. Chema Peral says:

    A authentic tribute! No doubt! Thanks 4 share!

  2. detroit89 says:

    where is jay electronica?

  3. dillafan says:

    this is fantastic. the dilla-nation doin’ work. thank you MaDukes

  4. hugo says:

    best post of the year!

  5. dj redline says:

    thanks for keeping me up on things! – dj redline

  6. Merkaba says:

    Wack as shit, sorry.

  7. floyd says:

    This album is a joke! Set Detroit hip hop back years. This is what happens when you put wronh people in charge of a postumous release. R.I.P. my man, if you were still here we wouldn’t of had to hear this trash.

  8. Eateator says:

    Cover art does not inspire good feelings, but i’m checking it out.

  9. Eateator says:

    Aaaaa, it’s shit.

    Who is selecting the rap to go on the beats? Instrumentals would be more tasteful and worth listening to.

  10. detroit89 says:

    honestly i don’t know if MaDukes should be part of creating a album. i know it is her son. but, i feel like this should have been left to a musical artist friend of dilla than her. I think this should have been head up by a real executive producer. Like Black milk or Q-Tip

    • DillaFan says:

      It’s not Ma Dukes fault, she was the executive producer for both of J Dilla’s previous posthumous albums, The Shining, and Jay Stay Paid, and they were both better than Rebirth of Detroit, it is the other executive producer of Rebirth of Detroit, Jonathon Taylor’s fault for the album being so bad. House Shoes also stated this, and went in on Jonathon Taylor on twitter, as I stated in my comment below this.

      • detroit89 says:

        well then this guy should have not been part of it. i have not really listened to the full album yet. but it is already going to be a tough pill to swallow. i did not expect this album to be one of the best of the year, but i do hate the terrible lack of consistency and focus on the album. it is like terrible sequel in a great movie franchise. like indiana jones 4.

  11. DillaFan says:

    According to House Shoes, it is Jonathon Taylor, the co-executive producer of the album Rebirth of Detroit, fault for the album being bad. House Shoes went in on Jonathon Taylor on twitter. “There is no possible way @taylor_jonathon could have done a worse job. Ask any true Dilla fan. I hate that I sent those beats when asked.” “I asked to be a part of the process. Quality control. A/R. I gave a list of artists who should be involved. He told me “I got this, Shoes”" “I never should have sent the beats. That would have truly shown how little he knows abt Dilla. I lived with him. He never listened to Dilla.” “@Taylor_Jonathon The only thing you are relevant to is being the driving force behind the absolute worst project ever attached to Dilla.” “@Taylor_Jonathon You are a laughing stock. None of the cats that actually fucked w Jay want anything to do with you. They want to choke u out.”

  12. CashGrab says:

    This album is really bad. No doubt Dilla would be disappointed to see his legacy tarnished by all the vultures feeding off the scraps he left behind.

  13. ab says:

    thanks dOk! do u got that new knxwledge? karma loops prt 3?

  14. amschel goldstein says:

    Madlib, Waajeed, Karriem Riggins and or Questlove should have led this project! People that know the fucking sonics of Dillas work!

    Excluding Phat Kat EVERYBODY else should have NOT been featured. Cool Kids and DILLA?! Stop fucking about with a legend!

    Jimi Hendrix’s and Good Charlotte would NOT happen would it??
    His estate is a tighter ship.

    Fucking House Shoes!!!!!

    He should have led with his brain and NOT given “unqualified” people the go light by passing them beats. Very simple. At least not until he had a certified position of authority to qualify the quality of the project and process.

    It is his fucking fault!

    TEAM? – Please take better care of his estate.

    Very angry right now.


  15. Charles Darwin says:

    The only memorable rapping on it is danny brown, everyone else is instantly forgettable or it gets skipped for being really corny. Also the songs with sax and flute! Even more corny! I hope the dillatroit ep gets ripped soon as it will be far superior. I’m glad to hear Houseshoes thought it was shit too.

  16. Charles Darwin says:

    Yeah, Phat Kat sounded good too.

  17. Jsand says:

    Whack juice, cool beats tho its like they found a bunch of niggas at a detroit mall (in a cheap clothing store) and asked them to rhyme over the beats (excluding phat kat) why didnt madlib, stonesthrow, k riggings, q-tip, and the rest of the gang get in on this project?

    maybe more money goes to ma dukes this way???

  18. Jsand says:



  19. It is sad how much bad shit can be said about this record. Really shameful. Can we talk about the mixing job on this? It is amazingly horrible. I dare you to listen to this back to back with The Shining or Donuts or even his early shit and listen to how all the low end and soul was taken out of these beats. All you hear are the really lame MCs on it. Short of Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, and Danny Brown, I felt like I was listening to some dudes amateur mix tape rapping over Dilla beats.

    What I really want to know is: did the guy who mixed it use Pro Tools for the first time in his life? Or was it actually a conscious decision like “You never hear a bad Dilla record right? I bet I’ll be the first guy to do that!”

  20. ESPO says:

    As a 1000% true Dilla Geek, it pains me to admit how unlistenable the vast majority of this album is…

    I guess that goes to show what you get w/ Pete Rock (JSP) vs. Jonathan Taylor (RoD)

    LOL @ “Cheap Clothing Store”

  21. joa says:

    not cool

  22. Jesse says:

    this is an absolutely horrible album

  23. trey4hiphop says:

    hey i found something better for us to listen to THIS IS WHAT THIS DILLA ALBUM SHOULD HAVE SOUNDED LIKE


  24. Jo Deey says:

    i am sad, this is not good.

  25. Dee Jay says:


  26. Dillagence says:

    Have a heart and take this down. Don’t do this to the Yancey Family. This release marks the first bit of proceedings his family will ever get from his music. Don’t sabotage it please. Remove this. People buy this on itunes if you care even the slightest bit about detroit and the Yancey family :/

  27. trey4hiphop wasn’t bullshittin’! This mix is dumb nice!

    “hey i found something better for us to listen to THIS IS WHAT THIS DILLA ALBUM SHOULD HAVE SOUNDED LIKE


  28. Amy Middleton says:

    Been waiting for this. Can’t wait for the release date.

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