Evil Needle – Homeworks EP


Evil Needle is a name that has been resonating greatly in the universe of beatmakers. Born in 84’ in the city of Berlin, Germany, he grew up fully influenced by 90’s hip hop with the sounds of Wu-Tang in particular were the soundtrack to his childhood. From then on, mainstream music was far from his radar, and he has been honing his skills for a good decade ever since his first introduction into the world of beat-making. ‘Cirrostratus’ (2011) was the beat tape that really caught our attention, as his attention to sounds and textures and a seemingly effortless ability to craft luscious tracks with minimal elements signalled to us that this talent is truly in his own class. Needless to say, we couldn’t say no when he was looking for a label to release his 2010 Homework beat tape and here we are – 8 tracks of pure Evil Needle to take you through the day.

128kbps so buy HQ here > darkerthanwax.bandcamp.com


01. Intro
02. Jazzy Piano
03. Synthy Sunshine
04. Another Smooth Ride
05. Red And Simple
06. Heaven
07. The Groove
08. Outro

Link removed in request of Darker Than Wax

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  1. catarina says:

    hey man just wanted to say I’m thankful I found your blog 2 years ago, I check it every month for new stuff, you never disappoint me, thanks for doing this and keep up the excellent taste.

  2. Tsarn de Broses says:

    His Free Stuff is more impressive….!

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