Evil Needle – Equilibrium


In Equilibrium, Evil Needle creates a vibe that combines the styles of both Cirrostratus and Mood. The result is a powerful cohesive album that provides a cinematic listening experience throughout the album. Equilibrium will send chills down your spine and instill a cozy warm feeling in your gut from start to finish.

128kbps quality so buy HQ here > huhwhatwhere.bandcamp.com


01. Champion Sound
02. Warp Drive
03. Groovin’ in Heaven
04. Sky High feat. Momothelocal
05. Unleashed
06. Jazzolude 03
07. Rhapsodie for Analog OSC
08. Feel Good Inc
09. Jazzolude 04 feat. Elaquent
10. Moodolude 04
11. Hyperspeed feat. Broad Rush
12. Dream Dust
13. Laid Back
14. Tantra feat. Sivey
15. Endless
16. Bonus – Fate
17. Bonus – The Session

Link removed in request of HW&W Recordings

7 Responses to “Evil Needle – Equilibrium”

  1. asdf says:

    that was fast o_O

  2. I know, I wanted that album too…. guess I’ll do the right thing and pay for it

  3. Fractal says:

    Damn! Where can I cop this? this is fire!

  4. West says:

    send me a link . the album is crack

  5. OH FOREAL says:


  6. psycho says:

    not only wicked tracks, but also finished and patiently mixed and mastered: that’s what i call serious work. not the case of a lot of beatmakers (so obvious when you know all the things one can do with ableton live!). they should get inspiration from this one, really!

  7. SomeMadKid says:

    guys, anyone who got it please post a link or two!! Upload a torrent or something cummon!

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