Monophonics – In Your Brain


Over the past seven years, the Monophonics have staked their claim as one of California’s premier bands. Raised amid the Bay Area’s rich musical culture, the Monophonics have proudly carried on the tradition of music native to their hometown which flourished during the birth of psychedelia.

Monophonics were formed in ’05; originally a instrumental ensemble comprised of guitarist Ian McDonald, bassist Myles O’Mahony, saxophonist Alex Baky, trumpeter Ryan Scott, and drummer Austin Bohlman, the band has recently added the dynamic soul vocals of keyboardist Kelly Finnigan. The result is a psychedelic soul & heavy funk sound, which harks back to the stylings of the late ’60s and early ’70s, all while keeping its feet planted in the present.

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01. Looking Ahead
02. There’s a Riot Goin On
03. Sure Is Funky
04. In Your Brain
05. Deception
06. All Together
07. Say You Love Me
08. They Don’t Understand
09. Thinking Back
10. Bang Bang
11. Mirage
12. Foolish Love
13. Temptation
14. Keep Looking Ahead

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4 Responses to “Monophonics – In Your Brain”

  1. Andrew says:


  2. Marcos Vieira Lobo says:

    thank you, muito bom!

  3. nate says:

    i downloadd this a few days ago and finally gave it a good listen.
    THis is one amazing album! Stellar Muito Bom!

  4. One of the greatest “life soundtracks” to accompany  one  through their miss adventures of this world. Bring dinamic color and inspration to time of bland and gray. Yah this stuff cradles my bones and rocks my soul.

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