Knxwledge – kuntent.EP


Ehm…. another one, enjoy! 128kbps quality so buy HQ here >


01. Knxwhere
02. Flosh
03. Yawns
04. X’so’S
05. SewManiWais

Link removed in request of Knxwledge.

13 Responses to “Knxwledge – kuntent.EP”

  1. psycho says:

    i’m a serious beathead but…
    the guy (and most of the other wonkybeatmakers, to be honest) seriously confound the terms “track” and “loop”…
    and forgot that quality is not quantity (or simply just don’t know?)

  2. Tahlid says:

    @Psycho hope you didn’t download it then. I would stop complaining if yUr clicking the links then transferring it to your iPod; just continue downloading free knx shit & stfu..

  3. quinn says:

    @Psyco… I do hope you realize that knx DOES knxw the difference… it clearly states on his bandcamp, under tags… that these are Loops… and I know a lot of you will disagree… but it’s all qualitee too meeeeee

  4. Culture says:

    @psyco Stop hating where’s you material?

  5. Marko Mars says:

    Sorry, but I can’t help myself.

    Knx is obviously a master, homeboy.. [@psycho]

    I wonder where your hip-hop comes from. . ?

  6. chag nampa says:

    track 4 4 the win?

  7. psycho says:

    if you have nothing else to do than commenting my comment (lol): let me repeat again: i’m a beathead, not a loophead, if you’re able to understand the difference. seling built stuff is ok, selling loops is abusive.
    if you wrongly think that there’s some hate, then you should try to take time, re-read and re-think about it. Knxwledge is a talented producer, but releasing a so called ep each week is… can’t find the english for “abusé”. working a real album is what he should spend his whole time on, with real tracks inside (longer than 1’30mn, with intros and all). some people still appreciate processed and finished stuff!
    btw, i never had an iPod: i have too much respect for my ears longevity. a real music maker should always cares for this, i fyou see what i mean. also, i prefere way more serious ways to listen to music! and i have stuff all around, under several avatars, but remaining anonymous on blogger comments is something vital, dude.

  8. bouncehandler says:

    Dear Psycho,

    It’s funny that you post this comment about “abusing” the art of beat making by selling loops on a site that provides knx material for free.

    Also just realize your opinion is just that, your opinion. Obviously a lot of people disagree (a few of us even care enough to take time out to reply to your initial comment).

    While you might have one way of building your brand as an artist another person i.e. knxwledge has a different way. Both ways might be great, might suck or might need some improvement but if there was only one way well that would be just boring.

    And you may not be a hater at all but in this anonymous forum you are coming off as biter and pseudo elitist with the ipod comment and the notion that you know a better way for a well respected beat maker to promote themselves.

    And those are just my opinions; feel free to hate them.


  9. dOk says:

    everybody needs to chill.

  10. quinn says:

    bouncehandler ftw

  11. Braindance > all says:

    psycho i love you

  12. dOk says:

    “everybody needs to chill” and this is for everyone.

  13. D.O.S says:

    Yeah this EP is dope. But why did knxwledge had to take this down? Damn. You would think knxwledge would want to put out his stuff, you know?

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