Knxwledge – klarity.EP




01. Hwlngwasigone
02. Dntbmad
03. Knxbodi
04. Payout
05. WDT[wrk]

Link removed in request of Knxwledge.

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  1. Nick says:

    great site. thanks again dude!

  2. IEtherianSoul9 says:

    This man drops so much music lol

  3. anonn says:

    why do you post everything this guy drops when they’re much better stuff being released? is he a friend or something?

  4. anonn, get outta here troll, knxwledge is the shit!

    • anonn says:

      no offence but he really isn’t, he sells “EP’s” that are 7mins long tops which are 5second loops for $5. you could buy a few decent cds with that. also with all the good hiphop that comes out every week you’d think they would be posted instead of this guy every single time. just my opinion.

  5. t says:

    so who u think its good out there anonn?

  6. GreenPower says:

    I think Knxwledge is cool his stuff pretty much just all sounds the same. Lute is currently on the rise, he’s worth checkin’ out.

  7. anonn says:


    Ab-Soul, 9th Wonder, Khrysis & Jon Hope etc don’t even get a mention yet “knxwledge” does? he’ll probably drop a new “EP” in a few days anyway. 4-6 5second loops for $5! what a fantastic buy!

  8. anonnn says:

    Rebuilder – Dusty Tracks should get posted. 22 tracks of beautiful soul & jazz for $5. That’s right folks, for $5 you could get 22 tracks or 5second loops, I think it’s clear which one is better value.

    • dOk says:

      we are all different, welcome in the world.

      • anonnn says:

        it pretty obvious he paying you to get posted. s’all i’m gonna say, aint arguing with some dude i don’t know on a blog.

        • dOk says:

          no one is paying me, that’s utterly disrespectful, i do like every single song that i posted here.

          it pretty obvious that you just said a big bullshit.

  9. blitz says:

    Hey Anonn, if you got a problem w/ whats posted, go to another blog homie. Yooo Dok and Knx don’t let these whining ass kids stop you.

  10. anonnn says:


  11. jjj says:

    Knxwledge is so boring.

  12. Tahlid says:

    @Knxwledge Haters I’m saying why even click his post.. @anonnn 9th Wonder & Kryhsis really? Maybe early 2000′s but now there sound isnt relevant anymore(in my opinion); Ab Soul is good but not the best from TDE!! I hate bashing but you can’t be a serious hip hop head!! If you were you’d know Knxwledge is special in what he does..
    The albums might have 5second loops & the duration might only be 5min but it’s a vision he brings to light!! Personally I’m a fan!!

  13. Jools says:

    My bad.. Ab Soul was his first answer tho??? Haha fuck your line up. Like homey said 9th and them ain’t even sound good anymore. Keep your 22 “jazz-hop” tracks, I’ll bump this instead.

  14. psycho says:

    this conversation was missing me, so here i am ;)
    just kidding. but the world “hater” is so overused by some people. not being fan of something does NOT mean that you’re hating it. please stop thinking that people are that radical or limited. everyone is allowed to have a different point of view, and only fascist governments or dictatures don’t accept that.

  15. oo says:

    @dok…i hope your not tripping off of these negative post people throw up. I noticed the last two Knxwledge got a lot of heat. I go to this blog everyday for the last couple months. I have yet to explore everything you have posted in the past year, but i am impressed. you have a very big range in taste for different styles of music and I appreciate your diligence in sharing it with us “for free”….this blog is an expression of the composer (dOk) and if you dont like the post for the day the keep it moving!! He has an obligation to nobody but HIMSELF to express what he music he has been listening and enjoying.

    There are some Knxlwdege stuff that I DONT LIKE and there are some stuff that I THINK IS DOPE….i understand the point about “looping and then charging folk” and what some people might call a “lack of creativity” when compared to making a beat…but i dont understand why poeple have to extend the HATE to the people who do like his stuff and want to post it on their blog…

    if you think you want to share some music that you think is dope why dont you create your own blog….

    this blog is free and to hate on the person who is hooking it up is fucking absurd….go ask your faviorite rapper for a free album and see what they say…you ungrateful fools….to have an opinion on an artist music is one thing but to hate on someone who is hooking you up with free shit is….simple ridiculoous

  16. Tahlid says:

    @psycho you are a hater anyone who goes to a particular site or blog to let people know how much your not feeling that particular post I don’t know what else to call it it’s definetly not admiration or love it’s Hate I just throw the R on it to give you a little ownership!! Own it Hater!!!

  17. riles says:

    @oo…you just summed it all up for me! everyone should read this! keep up the good work dOk I look forward to your posts everyday!

  18. avenue d says:

    I bumped into this blog around July 2011 and pretyy soon noticd thet Knxwledge had a few posts. I look back at the period from July ’11 to the present as the blossoming of a unique musical talent. Knxwledge’s beat collages are wonderful: drenched with soul and emotion and highly addictive. Madlib and Doom’s Madvillainy lp is probably my favourite lp ever by anyone and it would be nice to see Knxwledge do the productiuon for Madvillainy II which i fear Mr OJJr may not have the nerve to do anymore. The person who says Knxwledgge “aint hip-hop” needs to wash out his/her ears. I think he really has his own sound and its a sound that provides succour and nourishment. At least for me.
    There’s a lot of rubbish hip-hop around these days but Knxwledge is way above the pack, in a class of his own. I hope he’s around for a long time.
    Thankz Mr Rappamelo for your diligence and the delightfully eclectic, but focussed, musical selection that you present.

  19. Fil says:

    Damn right AVENUE, Madvillainy is my fav album also, and i second your opinion, and OO opinion also!! Dok, you the man!!!
    I have to add, my fav beat makers of this cosmo/beat generation are fLako, a lot of peeps from Project Mooncircle and Brainfeeder and of course Flying Lotus. You guys should check them out.

  20. scribs says:

    Psycho has a valid point people, despite the honestly kind of ridiculous comparison to fascist governments or whatever. When did it become criminal to say you don’t like a release? Now anyone with tastes that differ from your own is a hater?

    Personally, I’m pretty divided on Knxwledge; dude could really benefit from being a lot more selective with what he releases. There are some AMAZING tracks he’s put out ( but a lot of it is honestly pretty repetitive and *certainly* not worthy of a paid release. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even bother to grab his new stuff anymore, because it’s gotten way to tiresome to sift through the filler and find the good stuff. Which is sad, because he’s clearly pretty talented when he gets down to it.

    All that to say that there is certainly such a thing as over-saturation when it comes to releasing music, especially this kind of beat-scene stuff that’s become so pigeon-holed as it is.

    Anyway, the whole “if you don’t like it, don’t click on it” argument is pretty stupid, if you ask me. It’s one thing to say “fuck Knx, dude is lame as hell” (which would be “hating”), but quite another to express a fully-formed opinion of his music, regardless of whether that opinion may or may not be a positive one.

    • Tahlid says:

      Hahaha scribes your a day late & a dollar short on this one homey!! Maybe you should’ve waited to his next post to comment G’Z! I mean really yOu have a eloquent way of putting words together; but these people weren’t giving out constructive criticism especially your main nigga on trigga “@psycho”.. Anyways your probably a troll changing your name re-posting this garbage!!!
      Thanks Rappamelo for posting Knxwledge material keep up the good work

  21. lj says:

    summary: knx release an album that is all-killer no-filler unlike these 1-heater bandcamp packages that don’t cut it. Release a Bandcamp Greatest Hits, i dont give a fuck, someone make one if its that big of a deal. c’mon. yea, internet ranter yea yea

  22. nate says:

    ^^^^^ LOL ^^^^^^

  23. Carlo says:

    I saw Knxwledge rock SOM Bar SF randomly when I went to catch Blum & Sonnymoon, and had the good fortune of hearing his Grapes and Mango EPs. He straight up #MURKED that spot! TBH, I haven’t heard his more recent EPs, but I do agree with Anonn on how short & unsatisfying they are (especially in a time when you’ve got artists dropping special releases for that free 99, all for the lovve.)

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