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Formed in Osaka, Japan, in 2005 indigo jam unit consists of Yoshichika Tarue (piano), Katsuhiko Sasai (double bass) Isao Wasano (percussion & drums), and Takehiro Shimizu (drums). Indigo jam unit’s full length releases as of April 2011 includes six full length CD albums, starting with “DEMONSTRATION” in 2006, all selling more than 10,000 copies each in Japan. Other releases include the 2009 “Vintage Black” collaboration with label mates Flexlife, and from the same year, “re:common from indigo jam unit”, the band’s remixes of some of hip hop star Common’s songs behind his original voice tracks and cover album, “ROSE”, featuring vocalist Alicia Saldenha released on Sep 2, 2011.

indigo jam unit’s unique sound truly rests on the combination of the four members. Tarue’s melodic classical-latin-jazz piano up front intertwined with Sasai’s solid and groove driven basslines, all standing on the explosive and versatile rhythm section formed by Shimizu and Wasano. Being devoted live musicians, indigo jam unit records all their work in single takes. No overdubs, no click tracks, minimum post processing. (

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01. Escape
02. Rising
03. Baobab
04. Resolution
05. Bounce
06. Devotion
07. Phoenix
08. Sepia
09. Genuine

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    Man these guys groove amazingly!

  3. Luis says:

    This is pretty good stuff! Cheers!

    Thanks to the owner/manager of this site for uploading such great albums! I’m discovering a whole bunch of new artists and my music is expanding each and every day thanks to this site. To think I first came here just to dl Nujabes albums a year ago.

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