Franco Micalizzi – Stridulum


A soundtrack steeped in Euro funk and disco from Franco Micalizzi – his work for Stridulum, also known as The Visitor – a wild film starring John Huston as Jerzy – as a being from outerspace with telekinetic earthling offspring and a crazy cast that includes Glenn Ford, Shelly Winters , Sam Pekinpah and Lance Henriksen! Somehow, this plot provides for a soundtrack filled with funky bass and drums, flute, breathlessly cooed wordless vocals and other 70s dancefloor touches! Titles include “Stridulum Theme”, “Here’s The Dream”, “Atmosphere”, “Sadness Theme”, “Running Away From Jerzy” and more. (dustygroove)


01. Stridulum Theme
02. Here’s The Dream
03. Running Away From Jerzy
04. Sadness Theme
05. Distressing Sequence
06. Hospital Sequence
07. Voices For Sadness Theme
08. Jerzy Again
09. Sadness Theme (2nd Part)
10. Atmosphere
11. Back In The Hospital
12. Distressing Sequence

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  1. JO DILLA says:

    thanks man.. i always like your post.

  2. Toyo Tomi says:

    ^^ couldn’t agree more!
    a jewel amongst all the crap! #rappamelo

  3. rompolompo says:

    Do you have this is lossless? I have an old crappy 128kb that needs an upgrade… Thanks!

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