Dibia$E – Looney Goons


DIBIA$E’s newest release is a change in direction away from his better known soulful “Dilla-esque” slightly off-kilter sound. LOONEY GOONS is a unique blend of traditional boom-bap, dirty south trap music, dub-step, edgy electronic undertones laced with familiar hood satire. The release of DIBIA$ES’ LOONEY GOONS will be accompanied by a domestic tour with dates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, Sacramento, Stockton, Austin, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Denver in the month of May.

For more info and buy check: www.fatbeats.comwww.10thirtyrecords.com


01. Violence [Intro]
02. Its Liek That
03. Walkin Zombie [Interlude]
04. Omg!!!
05. Goon Bag
06. ClosedCasket [feat. Captain]
07. DonekyKicks
08. Bumps
09. FunkedUp
10. Some Act Right
11. Sickness [Interlude]
12. CookBooks [Master Cheffin]
13. CatchinFades
14. ChatterBox
15. DuckDown

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7 Responses to “Dibia$E – Looney Goons”

  1. Dart_Adams says:

    I’d like to request that you take down Dibia$e’s album. 10thirty Records AND Fat Beats are associates of PIK and both of them will be notified to ensure you don’t bootleg their album.


  2. Jhenely says:

    I’d like to request that you quit being a faggot, and try to understand that talented artists get the credit and cash they deserve through recognition from the listeners, and the best way for that recognition to spread is to release the tracks to a blog such as this, where devoted music fans flock from all over just to scroll down a page filled with the tunes that continue to change their perspective on music every day.

  3. amschel goldstein says:

    Not a good record!

    Dull and lazy. I am being kind!!!!


  4. Dart_Adams says:

    @jhenely: Wait. So by wanting artists I KNOW put this project together all by themselves, graphic design, production, etc. to receive their due full compensation for their hard earned work and PROPERTY I’m being a “faggot”, am I? If I robbed YOU and you friend reported me for stealing your belongings what would that make your friend?

    SUPPORT the music or soon there will be none. Dumbasses…


  5. tmac says:

    I agree with amschel, not worth the dl.

    On another chord, Rappamelo, keep up the awesome work..lovin the blog.

    Could you reup Pharaoh Sanders – Thembi though? – the links are down

  6. Fan says:

    Not his best effort. It’s decent in sections, but I’m not sure it’s worth paying for. I’d watch him live for sure though.

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