9th Wonder – Tutankhamen


The DJBooth has joined forces with Grammy Award winning producer, artist, teacher and Jamla Records founder 9th Wonder to present Tutankhamen, a new instrumental project that’s every bit as royal (and potentially deadly) as the name suggests. Included on Tutankhamen are a full 40 beats, including some of 9th’s classic instrumentals (The Bodega, BarberShop, The End) and more, as well as exclusive, previously unreleased treats. As a sample, listeners can find ten beats available for stream below. Emcees, producer, DJs, lovers of the culture, enjoy…

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01. Nautiluschop!!!!!
02. ZulemaStopSoul!!!!!!
03. WindJammySoul!!!!
04. WardClaraSoul!!!
05. ReetaGirl!!!!
06. TheMarvel!!!
07. SomeplaceToGo!!!!!
08. ShoobeedooSou!!!!!
09. PushpushSoul!!!!
10. PhylSexySelf!!!!
11. Naturalinmotion!!!!!
12. MuchBetterSoul!!!!
13. MontClear!!!!!
14. Mellyfantastic!!!!
15. KeepYourSelfSoul!!!!
16. JoyJoyJoy!!!
17. JoFlipSoul!!!!
18. JamesOnDrugs!!!!!
19. InTheLoveSoul!!!!
20. ImagineLoveYou!!!
21. IEyeKNowitSoul!!!!!!
22. HoneyBeeChopSoul!!!!!
23. ChantmentReal!!!!
24. NeverBethesame!!!
25. TheBodegaSoul!!!!!
26. bobby’s temptation
27. BeautyofitallSOul!!!!
28. RIdinout!!!!!!!!
29. AstronautSoul!!!
30. AscensionHaSoul!!!
31. OkayWaySOul!!!!
32. ChangeRearrange!!!!!
33. FreakEcstacy!!!!
34. StopCryin!!!!
35. Webblovin!!!!
36. Sylvercrazysoul!!!!!
37. Creativejam!!!!
38. BarbershopSOul!!!!
39. OriginalNeedSoul!!!
40. HiltonJaySoul!!!!

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link removed PART 1
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6 Responses to “9th Wonder – Tutankhamen”

  1. frank says:

    Some classic 9th Wonder creations here….. 40 is a lot to digest at once -but tackling 10 at a time is the best way to listen. And then few days later rock another 10….

    Great stuff…

  2. IEtherianSoul9 says:

    AnimalSoul is my favorite track so far…and that cover is off the chain

  3. marcogarvey says:

    dont be fucked up…check out soundcloud.com/setabeats

  4. Jhenely says:

    What a gem. this will be on shuffle for the next year

  5. j-dips says:

    alot of beats i havent heard before on here..9th’s a genius

    peep the beats @ http://www.soundcloud.com/jdips


  6. vin says:

    great, but not nescessary two parts of link

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