Szenario – Hypnotic Machine


Images of classic movies come to mind while listening to the “Hypnotic Machine“ by Vienna-based beatsmith Szenario. Wether a thriller, crime story or action flick, this album will turn your imaginary cortex into a screen for a true cinematic experience.

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01. Intropology
02. Another One featuring Jakub Czep
03. Fingers Dance
04. Hip
05. Hypnotic Machine featuring DJ Buzz
06. Oh No
07. Shy
08. Tyring
09. Vis-a-vis
10. Extra Automatic
11. No Way
12. Chop Rocket
13. Outropology

Link removed in request of Finest Ego

12 Responses to “Szenario – Hypnotic Machine”

  1. n8yO says:

    yo any one got another link ? send to my email

  2. OH FOREAL says:

    i know right haha

  3. wtflol says:

    what’s the point in claiming against a link. Szenario should see it as free advertising as more people will share they music meaning more peepz would buy their stuff

  4. mike says:

    Please kindly email the link to us if possible. thanks

  5. psycho says:

    that’s because of their stupid idea to now put that shit on cassette…
    while not one of the youngstas owns a decent tape player.
    pure nonsense. just totally awkward.
    and yes, wtflol, I agree with you 1000%.

  6. kjhoh says:

    need to be fast to download,everytime u should check here…but i missed this too =(

  7. madriles says:

    Please, send me a link to my mail if it´s possible. Thanx!!!

  8. Olivjee says:

    check the monthly mixes on their website, great stuff! great taste of music! grtz from belgium

  9. n8yO says:

    FUCKEN shit i need my DRUGS emmm i mean music

  10. Clint Partie says:

    Did they really say they’re putting this out on cassette!? That’s some art-fag shit, for real! Apparently, some of these cats must really have some money to throw around & not wanna make any to be doing impractical stuff like putting their shit out on cassette. Fine with me! Sabotage your own career. Personally I think music can stand to lose a few of these million producers that all do the same thing. Don’t get me wrong all these guys are good but there’s too many of ‘em. It’s impossible for someone like myself (this is all I do all day for like 20 years, listen to and make music & stuff) to keep up with, let alone a casual music fan! Plus most of ‘em are just Dilla clones which is fine with me since he’s probably my favorite musician in the history of the world but, again, it’s too much!

  11. abeaster says:

    Hey could someone shoot me an email with the link?

  12. Edmund Park says:

    Can someone send me a link too?

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