Souleance – La Belle Vie


Souleance is the result of the partnership between producer Fulgeance and DJ Soulist of What The Funk… Soulist and Flugeance met in 2006 while performing and from that friendship the Souleance project was born: a mixture of Soulist’s organic influences and the raw energy and production skill of Fulgeance.

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01. Rendez Vous
02. La Romance
03. Passarinho
04. Pride feat. Rashaan Ahmad
05. Manana
06. La Plage
07. I Don’t Want Much (Interlude)
08. Automatico
09. Unseen feat. Homecut
10. Tranquille
11. La Plaisir feat. Shawn Lee
12. Tryin’ (Interlude)
13. Cool FM
14. Boobs
15. La Monde
16. One Step
17. La Belle Vie
18. The Ladies (Outro)

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5 Responses to “Souleance – La Belle Vie”

  1. Fulgeance says:

    Yo merci pr le support’ mais merci d’enlever kes liens free download, ça vient de sortir, label indé etc, tu comprendras je pense… Merci d’avance’

  2. mkjnh says:

    if anyone wants this – >censored by rappamelo<

    • fulgeance says:

      Hey man, I asked to remove this to try to help the recent release from monday, please support independent music, we are not against free download, but just wait a bit. Thanks by advance.

  3. Jhenely says:

    If anyone wants this, come over to my house for a toke/listening party, we’ll jam afterwards.

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