S.Maharba – S.​Maharba


S.Maharba’s S/T album has become a bit of music folklore. Originally released on two seperate labels, on two seperate formats between ’08 and ’10, original vinyl pressings (only 100) and cassettes (only 50) of the LP have demanded upwards of $100, to $250 per copy online. The sound is infectious, dusty, deep and full of boom-bap. A must-have introduction into the world of S.Maharba.

For more info and buy check: www.smaharba.com


01. Girls On The Roof
02. Jacket Switch
03. Something In The Way She Moves
04. Nice To Meet You
05. Afternoon
06. Briefcase Found
07. Heels
08. Girls In Pearls
09. French Maid
10. When I Go To Sleep

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11 Responses to “S.Maharba – S.​Maharba”

  1. who?! says:

    actually, they where just 50 vinyl pressings and 100 cassettes

  2. funkwave says:

    thank you because of every album you post!
    very appreciated! :D

  3. frank says:

    Bounce to this! Love it…..!

    Thanks dOk

  4. n8yO says:

    The album can still be downloaded from mediafire by placing “S.Maharba – S.​Maharbain” in the filestube.com search box!

  5. Tyvian Corry says:

    Got it in case anyone wants it, just hit me up at tyvianc@gmail.com

  6. jah says:


  7. AxDxM says:

    I’ve got one of the cassettes and three of the LP’s. Had no idea they were that limited.

  8. gku says:

    this is blowing me away }}))}))}))}})})})})})}) thank you so much

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