Roy Ayers – Virgo Vibes


Long before becoming an acid jazz icon and figurehead to a new generation of hip-hop and house artists, Roy Ayers was a promising young jazz vibraphonist. His second solo album and Atlantic debut, is a vital root note for all future keepers of the funk. Includes 2 previously unreleased tracks ‘Mine Boyd’ & ‘Number Seven’.

Personnel: Roy Ayers (vibraphone); Joe Henderson (tenor saxophone); Charles Tolliver (trumpet); Ronald Clark (piano); Carr (drums).


01. The Ringer
02. Ayerloom
03. In The Limelight
04. Virgo Vibes
05. Glow Flower
06. Mine Royd
07. Number Seven

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3 Responses to “Roy Ayers – Virgo Vibes”

  1. x7x says:

    superb, keep it coming

  2. Mafu says:

    salutations friend and much love for sharing this, roy ayers is smooohve

  3. Den NC USA says:

    You got the vibes right with this one, Pappamelo. I was in NYC at the time, and enjoyed not only this group, but his real funk/jazz unit, Ubiquity, when it played in NYC back in the Wasit? Early 70′s … all through that decade. Sweet, soulful and I love the sunshine! Folks get brown in the sunshine, folks get down in the sunshine. Filled with riff chourus and sweet melodies. This was the beginning of one great stream.
    Thanks for all your work!
    Den NC USA

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