Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation Vol. 3


We are proud to announce our 3rd installment of our Beat Submission Compilation, which features talented producers from all over the world sampling the vast catalog of Roy Ayers, as he is a proven inspiration to musicians, producers, dj’s and beat makers world wide. Since this is our 3rd compilation, and we have released the other two compilations exactly four months apart, that means that we have been doing our beat submissions process for an entire year! When we started the call for submissions, we knew we would get some great material, but who would have thought that we would have received enough material to release a different instrumental every week for over a year and counting? Not only have we had the blessing of exposing some great talents, we have also made some friends along the way, developing some great relationships with some of our participants. It has been a pleasure to be able to feature these producers’ great work, as well demonstrate the magnificence of Roy Ayers’ music and it’s ability to transcend cultures, languages, and nationalities. The beat submission compilations are proof of just that.

Before we present the link, we would like to thank our supporters, our site visitors, and the people who made this compilation possible, as well as the people who make the Roy Ayers Project possible, and of course, Roy Ayers himself. Below is the one-click download to the Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, Vol. 3.

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01. Gadget – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Gadget Remix)
02. Black Noi$e – Everythang Off
03. Soul Starr – LoopInn
04. chris△re – Dreamt
05. Hiroshi Saito aka BOB – Slow
06. Knx. – DntKnx
07. Buscrates – Funky Good Feeling
08. Raez – Keep
09. EvildDewer – Summer
10. chris△re – Stairway
11. Mystro – U sEND mE
12. Linus – Turnaround
13. RenRok – What The People Still Say
14. Vante Soul
15. Geeman aka Grand Ear – World Full Of Sadness
16. FC THE TRUTH – I Came Back
17. Illa Recon – High Feel
18. Vapor Maché – Release
19. Jazzy Gentle – Smiling A Tear
20. Shuten – Warm Vibes
21. SaL GuoD & RexXx – Bouncin’ Returns
22. Robert Redeye – Some More
23. Linus – Inalifetime
24. Skim – Watineed
25. Mystro – When I See U

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  1. Charles Darwin says:

    Is that knx knxledge?
    If not the lack of vowels is confusing..

  2. Tyvian Corry says:

    Does anyone know the song in the beginning of track 13? What the people say?? I would like to know the original artist that’s playing the flute as well.

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