We’ve admittedly stayed real low key since our label’s inception. Truth be told, all of us over here behind the scenes at HW&W are just a bunch of lazy bastards. Now that we’re getting our shit together (sorta), here is the 1st of many HW&W compilations and this one is for free too! Not because we wanted to do something for the fans but because we didn’t think any of you would buy it. But really tho, we just thought we’d do this cuz without all of you rocking with Huh What & Where, none of this would be happening. Big ups to Juj for giving us his worst track he’s made recently and great thanks to Mike Gao for forgetting to send us a replacement for his track cuz he wanted to save this one for his album. Also special thanks to Papa Joe for allowing Sango, Koen, & Tek.lun to appear on this compilation, but most of all for his unquestioned dedication to #oceanswag. On a more somber note, we have a major beef going on between Elaquent and Ta-ku right now. Lives have been lost, triangles have been drawn…I just hope this serves as a way of bringing you guys closer and ending the violence.


01. Ackryte – Going
02. Al Patron – For One Night
03. Bahwee – All Talk
04. Co. Fee – La Da Di
05. Elaquent – Pasta Suace
06. Evil Needle – warp Drive
07. Juj – Micro Twist
08. Koen – 993
09. Mike Gao – Magic7
10. Ohbliv – Bahdiyap
11. Sango – CMPTBL
12. Ta-ku – Pokyo
13. Tek.lun – I.O.U.

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6 Responses to “HW&W VOL. 1”

  1. Platypus says:

    Those release notes are hilarious. Thanks for the link!

  2. Tyvian Corry says:

    Thanks sooo much for this link. I surely do agree the liner notes were off the fucking chain…..lmao!!!!!

  3. Rich says:

    Good compilation this one.
    Thanks for sharing, will be following HW&W with great interest.

    peas and mush love

  4. A says:

    dope shit,

    just wondering if you were gonna upload Sene’s BrooklyKnight
    if you can

  5. Fil says:

    damn that some funny shit!!

  6. Jhenely says:

    Taku did a damn good thing for society with this one. Thanks alot Rap

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