Hawthorne Headhunters – Myriad of Now


In search of some new, Black Spade migrated out west to soak up the vibrant Southern California vibes and promptly met producer Proh Mic at the famed Do-Over. The two hit it off and began toying with music, soon bringing I,Ced, another St. Louis expat in LA, into the fold. The collective was taking shape and drew their moniker from ‘Ced’s residence in Hawthorne, California. The St. Louis natives reached out to their old comrade Coultrain and he eventually moved out to LA as well. A jam session at the HVW8 Gallery solidified the group’s identity and the creative relationship with it’s owner resulted in an eponymous EP in 2009. Made up of songs done with no intention of release, the EP was the first physical manifestation of Hawthorne Headhunters on HVW8 Records in 2009.

The creative process of the newly formed group was very natural. Members of the group liken the approach to that of old Jazz musicians; organic and instinctual, drawing from whatever influences they were feeling and writing about whatever was on their mind. ; They began plotting a full length record, but Proh Mic and Ced decided to pursue solo endeavors instead of focusing on the group and ‘Train and Spade became the official torch-bearers of Hawthorne Headhunters. The duo went in the studio and Myriad of Now was recorded, a 14-track collection of Funk, Electro, R and more that speaks on spirituality, sexuality and everything in between. Carrying on the lineage of Black music dating back to the Blues and the inception of Jazz, Hawthorne Headhunters melt influences together to break new ground.

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01. Sum People Don’t Change
02. Collage (feat. Rockwell Knuckles and Tef Poe)
03. Luv Galactic (feat. I Am)
04. If You Were My Baby
05. If You Were My Baby (Reprise)
06. Boats In Your Eyes (feat. I Am)
07. My Sweet Heart the Drunk
08. Yellow Cougar
09. No Crying Now, No Lyin Down
10. Whirlwind
11. Ghostfields
12. Fairweather (feat. Von Pea & Haz Solo)
13. Hole In The World
14. Teleport
15. Tribute

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    they have a video for one of the songs too

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    Buy this album, it is worth it!

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    Please upload again, i cant find this album for free, please i´m poor.

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