Ntjam Rosie – Elle


For her new album, Ntjam Rosie approaches a more jazz orientated direction compared to her first record “ATOUBA”. This time she found inspiration in artists like George Duke, Stevie Wonder, Patrice Rushen, Syreeta and Miriam Makeba. Artists who operate in the fields of soul, jazz and combine elements of Brazilian and African rhythms. The album breathes a late seventies sound with catchy hooks and fine sing along choruses.

For more info and buy check: www.ntjamrosie.com


01. Morning Glow
02. In Need
03. Space Of You
04. Serre Sa Main
05. Again & Again
06. Elle Part I
07. Roof Over My Heart
08. L’Amour (feat. Esperanzah)
09. In Your Hands
10. Elle Part II
11. Here

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7 Responses to “Ntjam Rosie – Elle”

  1. Bigswoosh says:

    Big Thanks for this one. Any chance of uploading her first album Atouba?

  2. Mildred says:

    This is not very nice to put a download link from the album of an independent artist on your website. This is why our artists will never get the credits they deserve for their art! You could’ve share the ITunes link!
    I am asking you kindly to remove the download link from your website!

    • Mildred says:

      @jsand, i also agree with you, but you can still promote someone, without putting the whole album for free to download, know what i am saying. There are also videos on youtube, or snippits by ITunes, spotify link what so ever, but the whole album for free, without asking for permission?? I know Ntjam work very hard to release this album.

      • psycho says:

        too bad. this album had almost some very good exposure in my radio show, on an fm radio in a place of the world where nobody knows ntjam rosie. but will not have, because the link is gone. sorry but i can’t afford the price of everything i play!!! because i’m doing it for free and the stupid label heads generally ignore our work despite they depend on it.

        • Mildred says:

          @Psycho, you can always go to the website and send an email to Ntjam’s team.
          http://www.ntjamrosie.com I will send you some tracks for your radiostation, and i hope you will understand that this is not the correct way, with all do respect for the promotor, and appreciation for the promotor for letting the world know that Ntjam is out there, but there are enough different ways to do that than putting her album for free downloads, we worked hard to reach this point today.

  3. jsand says:

    good independent artist will never get respect or credit because they are not talking about nonsense and satanic devils control what gets exsposed…..

  4. m says:

    You people should read this article before you get your panties in a bunch about sharing music and copywrite laws like you’re Metallica or something.


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