Mo Kolours – EP2: Banana Wine


As the UK’s FACT Magazine remarked about EP1: Drum Talking, “The wonderful Mo Kolours laces his loping, hashed-out Madlib-meets-Theo Parrish beat confections with melodies from the folk music of his homeland”, and while those Mauritian influences still give Mo Kolours’ work an otherworldly feel, EP2: Banana Wine is more evocative of the his current home in South London than his debut release.

Opener Ridda Mountain sets the tone: a hypnotic blunted incantation which draws heavily on a love of dub. Twelve sees a loose hip-hop rhythm paired with Mo Kolours’ unique sound palette, turning something familiar into something altogether strange. His percussion skills come to the fore on the fast-paced Afro-Latin workout Mini Culcha as he seeks to explore what dance music can sound like in 2012. The witty Keep It Up roots Mo Kolours in the here and now, a tale of a life spent disturbing the neighbours, while the astonishing Banana Wine takes its cue from a Sega classic and sounds something like dubstep imagined on an African island in the 1970s. Talking Move and Temi offer two more chances to dance to a different drum before Beautiful Swimmers from Washington’s cult Future Times label rejig Mini Culcha into the kind of compelling leftfield house that they’ve made such a stir with.

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01. Ridda Mountain
02. Twelve
03. Mini Culcha
04. Keep It Up
05. Banana Wine
06. Talking Move
07. Temi
08. Mini Culcha (Beautiful Swimmers Remix)

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