Mister Bibal – F A I L U R E


Debut album of Bibal featuring John Robinson, Blackspade, Wildchild, Nametag, Kris Mars, Kit Knows, Tamara Saul, …. For more info and buy check: www.misterbibal.com


01. Hello World
02. Win (feat. John Robinson & Abyss)
03. Demonstration (feat. Black Spade)
04. D E F A I L L A N C E 3.1
05. Move To Some
06. D E F A I L L A N C E 3.5
07. We Ain’t Strong Enough (feat. Wildchild)
08. Supa Bibal Warudo
09. D E F A I L L A N C E 3.51
10. Monsterous (feat. Nametag
11. Hey Baby (feat. Kris Mars)
12. Toadstool
13. Wanna Be (feat. Tamara Soul)
14. F A I L U R E
15. Ticket To Ride (feat. Kit Knows & MZ. Chawls)
16. Sweet Escape
17. German Sextape

Link removed in request of Trueflav Records. Buy here > trueflavrecords.bandcamp.com

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  1. jaekwong says:

    thank you rappamelo

  2. Julian says:

    Mad album. cheers!

  3. Rodrigo says:

    Link, please…really please!

  4. psycho says:

    holy fuckin shit, your site is seriously monitored. why not sending links exclusively by mail, so you would please more readers and wouldn’t be exposed to arbitrary censorship

  5. Tyvianc says:

    It’s a bangin’ album!!!! I have it and was lucky to grab it b4 the request came down.

  6. khaled says:

    yoooooo i comes from morroco and i dont have any means to by this album is it possible to have a link by mail khalid.hhtape@gmail.com thanks a lot

  7. mike says:

    is it possible to send a link by mail triple.mike.manson@gmail.com, please? thanks a lot

  8. pubicplucked says:

    link pleeease

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