Marcus Miller – Tutu Revisited


When i wrote the music for “Tutu” in early 1986, I had no idea that I’d be “revisiting” it more than twenty years later. When we recorded it with Miles, it was music for that time. Apartheid was still in place in South Afirca, cats were wearing jackets with shoulder pads and the osund of the drum machine dominated music. I took a look at that particular landscape and created a sound taht i thought blended the feeling of that time witht the sound of Miles. Although i played most of the instruments on the album, it was important that Miles’ horn was the centeripee. I tried to find melodies taht were worthy of his glorious sound. On Tour we replace some of the the super electro-sounding elements from the album, but the ssence of Miles’ cool still prevails. People seem to be felling it twenty-five years later and the musicians (most of whom were kids when the original album was released) are definitely feeling it. We challenged ourselves to see where we could take this music to make it refelect the world today. In such turbulent times there is plenty to felect on and we had an amazing time working it out!  (Marcus Miller)

Personnel: Marcus MIller (bass, bass clarinet); Christian Scott (trumpet); Alex Han (saxophone); Federico Gonzales Pena (keyboards); Ronald Bruner JR (drums).


01. Tomaas
02. Backyard Ritual
03. Splatch
04. Portia
05. Jean-Pierre
06. Aida
07. In A Sentimental Mood

01. Hannibal
02. Don’t Lose Your Mind
03. Tutu
04. Full Nelson / Perfect Way
05. Human Nature / So What

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  1. Cliffo says:

    Stunning indeed. Thanks for the link and keep up the good work!
    Cheers from France

  2. miles says:

    have heard nothing but good things about this date and am curious to hear it. if so, i’ll likely spring for the dvd. thanks for the opportunity to check it out.

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