Knxwledge – Hexual Sealings Vol. 2


Another (good) one from Knxwledge! enjoy! For more info and buy check:


01. NwunsStrong.ntro
02. SiriusDroog
03. Epitome[JostLike]
04. On&On[TWRK]
05. ThnkAbtYew[ThngsYewNeed]
06. WunMoarChance[kldallbghtr]
07. ikanluvyew[dntwlkowttamylfe]
08. Trost.[issues]
09. TooKlose[latensi]
10. DevilsPy[kaleries]
11. Kudthsbe[Al]
12. Rokthaboat[Twrk]

Link removed in request of Knxwledge.

4 Responses to “Knxwledge – Hexual Sealings Vol. 2”

  1. Bien.b says:

    Thanks for this!! but PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! New project of Mister Bibal!! Plesae!!!

  2. Dr. MaD says:

    (good) I hear you lol. -number 1 fan. worth my 10,88$ still

  3. kanzulu says:

    Saw him live last night in San Francisco! crazy!

  4. Tyvianc says:

    Hey Thanks for this album. I loooove Track 5 “ThnkAbtYew/ThngsYewNeed” The Stevie Wonder track of “All I Do” was waaay off but could have been a lot better….I couldn’t follow it. But the second half of the track with Shalamar’s “The One For Me” was tight!!!!! I can’t stop playin that joint…..Great choice here!!!!

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